Reviews: Paperinik New Adventures

In The Shadow

This is my all time favorite issue of the series(yes,I think is better than Fragments Of Autumn).Not only it defied the idea of Death Is Cheap,which would have been so easy to play straight,but is possibly the best way to say farewell to a character I've ever read.The writer menage to let Xadhoom have all her personality despite being unable to communicate properly,and the pain both Paperinik and her father show is very human and very felt.The stakes are very high and the moment when the villain get his goal is really scary(helped by the drawing of a great Lorenzo Pastrovicchio) and at the moment he fails you will sigh with relief.

Vote: 10/10. This series just get better and better.

Time does wonders

As a kid,I really liked this series:seeing my favourite superhero become more competent and better armed while meeting new and cool characters was too good to be true.

But now I'm 23...and I LOVE IT.There is so much you can catch upon a second read that really makes you appreciate how much they respected the intelligence of the readers;the characters aren't simply "cool":they are complex,tridimensional and deep.The moral questions asked are surprisingly well treated,and each second fells filled with joy and energy.

As someone who is getting more and more frustrated with Marvel and Dc attempt to become more "adult" by becoming more depressing,I'm gaining a whole new respect for a series that knows that mature comics means good storytelling,smart humor,high stakes and intelligent protagonists.Check it out and see what you have been missing.


First, let me just say that who avoid the series because of Hype Aversion don't know what they're missing. This series has impressed me with it's maturity, it's diverse cast of characters and it's general awesomeness and Badassery. it's Darker and Edgier done right. Calling this a Disney version of Poke Spe wouldn't be completely wrong. it's that awesome. Word. in fact, it's so good, i wouldn't mind if it stole my kidney. huh. where did that come from?... still, the series is awesome. in fact, it's So Cool, It's Awesome. if you don't cry after reading issue 37, you're not human