Reviews: Monicas Gang

Monica's Teen Gang: A good spin-off plagued by Romantic Plot Tumor and Protagonist-Centered Morality

Monica's Teen Gang, the All Grown Up! of Monica's Gang. The story is mainly Slice of Life genre with occasional action stories, with many interesting and unique characters. A major plot is Monica and Jim's relationship, which preys on Will They or Won't They?. And after many conflicts faced, changes to their lives and new friendships made, we finally reach Monica and Jim's Relationship Upgrade.

And I must say...This is where the shark was jumped. Jim reveals a massive insecurity complex in regards to Monica after another argument with her, and Monica reveals that because Jim never makes his feelings clear and doesn't let her move on, she's unsure of his feelings. The next day, all guys that aren't in a relationship start making moves on Monica, prompting Jim to take the big step. After a series of Sickeningly Sweethearts moments, the relationship's bad shows up. They are so focused on their relationship that they end up putting it ahead of everything else, including their friends. Monica and Jim argue with their best friends and Jim refuses to hang with the guys that tried to take Monica from him. And finally, The Reveal: The guys making moves on Monica was all an act she put together so Jim would make an decision already, which hurts Jim's pride and further compounds his insecurities, leading him to break up with her, saying he will only date her once he defeats her, when he will finally see himself as worthy of dating her.

Not only was that a disappointing conlusion for most after all the hype the story got, but all chapters centered on their relationship afterwards follow the same formula: Monica and Jim have an argument, usually started by Monica's temper and stubbornness, Monica learns her lesson by the end of the story and they make up, except Monica never actually shows any improvement on future chapters. That leaves us with a romantic plot going the same path as Ross and Rachel.

We may have a love story worse than Twilight in our hands. And then we get to the Protagonist-Centered Morality. Monica can many times act like a self-centered prick that never accepts anyone disagreeing with her. But she somehow ends up always being in the right or not having to apologize.

This spin-off is amazing, but severely stagnated by the aforementioned issues.