Reviews: Minimum Security

The Stupidity, The Stupidity.

Where to begin? Minimum Security is... bad. Not bad in an offensive way or bad in a boring way, but bad in a "oh god, this is stupid, what the **** was this author on when she wrote this" way. Minimum Security is pretty much the Unibomber's rants in a Chick Tract. The main character is a goth/Indian/purple girl named "Kranti". She's a schizophrenic communist ecoterrorist who seeks to destroy all modern technology and force people back to hunter-gatherers. Our hero everybody. She's pretty much a Mary Sue who exists to yell the author's opinion in the most blatant way possible. Rounding out our band of crazies is a one-eyed pyromaniac rabbit named "bunnista" who lost his eye to "capitalism". And a couple of bland characters who only exist to be stupid foils to the "oh so perfect" Kranti. And then we get to the strawmen, a buch of evil capitalists who destroy the enviorment because... they're one dimensional strawmen. They also look like they came from a rage comic. The whole moral of this comic seems to be stop "ecocide" by leading a communist revolution and killing all the capitalists and intellectuals and live as hunter-gatherers. Because we all know how awesome life as a hunter-gatherer is. So, in the end, this comic is blatantly preachy, poorly drawn, and very very very VERY stupid.