Reviews: Transmetropolitan

I fucking love this thing.

Now, I'm a big fan of Gonzo and Hunter S. Thompson, so if you think I'm biased, you do in fact possess a brain, congratulations, hopefully you'll use it more often from now on. That said, this series is better than Watchmen. Yes, Mooreanites, there are better things in this universe than comics that remind us how much life sucks, namely comics that remind us that there are people who will not stand by and let life keep sucking around them if there is even one iota of possibility that they can do something about it. Transmetropolitan takes one of the most virulent of these malcontents ever to own a typewriter, updates him into the far near-future, gives him a gun that causes violent diarrhea on its lowest setting, and drags him into the boiling-pot center of a world gone to hell. And what comes out is the most cathartic rampages for good that I have ever seen. The pacing, the artwork, the characters, the world, everything, just...fucking perfect. And through it all, we are shown every horrific gut-wrenching evil tragedy of vicious injustice imaginable, made to feel the full weight of it, and then, when everything has gone steps the psychotic badass on a live feed to tell the world or die trying. And every now and works.

As you may have gathered, this is 100% certified Grade XXX Adults only. And yet, that's not to say that it's in any way sleazy or pornographic. There's plenty of sleaze and porn, but they're presented honestly and in context, that is, as the desperate escapes of the evil or despicable. But this is certainly the most adult comic I've ever read. There is nothing here but a man with the heart of a boy trying to fix the world that broke him, and, often with bitter humor and burning cynicism, managing, in the end, to do just that, though at enormous cost to himself and others. But fuck it...if you're not dyin', you're not tryin'. Long live Dr. Hunter S. Thompson, and long live his equally diseased, equally human cumstain of a progeny, Spider Jerusalem. And maybe, if we can learn something from them, we can all live too.