Reviews: The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past

The graphic novel - AMAZING!

I was never really interested in The Legend of Zelda, and aside from Studio Ghibli's works, I never understood what was such a big deal about anime and manga. But after reading this in graphic novel form, I think I'd like to see more of both!

Seriously, this is amazing. The art is awesome, especially when it comes to special effects like fire and water. The story is very engaging, even for someone who doesn't know anything about Zelda. I've heard that Link is more of an Idiot Hero in this comic than he is in the games, but to be honest, I like him better this way. I find him more relatable.

My biggest disappointment with this comic? The fact that I wasn't born yet when it was first published in Nintendo Power. Also, Ganon's appearance was a little Nightmare Retardant-ish to me, but perhaps that was for the better.

My favorite thing about the comic is that - although I only just read this book hours ago, there's something about that whimsical, lighthearted atmosphere that gives me a very strong sense of nostalgia.

I know that not all the Zelda games, and surely not every manga, has the same nostalgic fantasy atmosphere. But if you know any works at all that do, please let me know!