Reviews: Thanos Rising

My issues with Thanos Rising

Plenty of people praise the Thanos Rising story by Jason Aaron, thinking he did something profound with Thanos, when in reality, he badly streamlined both Thanos and the society of the Titanian Eternals as estabilished by Jim Starlin and really, it served more as a prologue to Hickman's Infinity event.

1) For starters Lady Death goes from a silent companion whose Silence frustrated Thanos in his quest to earn her favor to constantly nagging him to do stuff. The way Thanos mother died went from a consequence of Thanos invasion of Titan (as officially stated in The Annihilation Sourcebook and all other times after by Jim Starlin himself) to butchering her on a table (to be fair this was how Mentor said she died in an old Silver Surfer issue by Jim Starlin).

2) Death went from a real cosmic entity (An important plot point in Infinity Gauntlet Thanos most famous story proving that Aaron didn't bother to do a basic background check is her doing something that could not have been done by Thanos) to a figment of Thanos imagination. Thanos changed from being spurned and ostrcized as a child for his deviant genes and deformity to being just an avarage peter parker level geek.

3) Thanos went from a epic demigod and Student of both Magic and Science (on par with Doctor Doom in both fields, maybe a little more) who was exiled from Titan for building a gun (Titan is a moon of peace that had banned all weaponry) to just an above average school student and serial killer who gets bored and joins a group of pirates. Thanos also goes aound having kids left and right where in the Silver Surfer issues leading up to Infinity Gauntlet (again his most noteworthy story) the very idea that he could have sired offspring drives him to kill Nebula and turn her into a zombie for claiming to be his grand daughter while mocking the idea that a worshiper of death would create life.

4) Tegan O' Neil was right.

5) It felft like a checklist of evil asshole clichès: Mom thinks he's pure evil at birth? Check. Killed a person at an early age? Check. Fantasized about dying things? Check. etc.

6) The Eternals of Titan are so mundane and dull to the point that you wouldn't tell they are supposed to be a extraterrestrial society of enlightened demigods created by the Celestials with ties to greek mythology if it wasn't for their clothes. Can you imagine the outrage if someone makes a Gandalf origin Story where he was a former Drug addict in a mundane setting? Or if It turns out the Force from Star Wars is supplied by a bunch of micro-org....uh, nevermind.