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Clever and Campy Fun
Super Dinosaur is a love child between Saturday morning cartoons and classic comic book style. The idea of the comic itself: A dinosaur wearing battle armor, is completely over the top and awesome.

Super Dinosaur is entirely dedicated to Rule Of Cool. How does Derek wield solid light? Ro C. Why does Tricerachops use a huge axe when other characters have laser beams?? Ro C. The series also boasts well written characters, surprising plot twists, and Howard's excellent artwork. There are a lot of characters in the series already and all are woven into the story in intricate and nuanced ways. Loyalties, friendships, and betrayals abound. This is an all-ages series, yes, but there is enough intriguing character development and drama to entertain an older crowd. The story is also surprisingly nuanced and will likely throw you a curveball or three.

My only real complaint is the Totally Radical vibe the characters (mostly Derek and SD) sometimes give off. The series is thankfully shying away from this, but it's pretty bad in the beginning. If you can get over it for a few issues you've got a great series to look forward to. If you want a great, surprising story with action, drama, and dinosaurs this is the comic for you. Don't let the all-ages tag scare you away, this series is great!
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