Reviews: Street Fighter

UDON Comic: Excellent Read. A Masterpiece in Storytelling.

I must give UDON props. When they make a comic adaptation of a video game, they really do a good job. I have read the entire comic series so far and I enjoyed every moment of it. The comic is a great adaptation of the game, managing to keep the characters true to their in-game personalities while developing them and fleshing them out.

Let's take Dan for example. In the comic, he's portrayed exactly like a Joke Character would be in a story: As a complete joke. He constantly gets his ass kicked and only wins by sheer luck. But then Super Street Fighter fleshes him out with a short Day in the Limelight story that shows him to be a Jerk with a Heart of Gold, his "training" consisting of helping people around the city. He even decides to give up his desire for revenge. And in another Super Street Fighter story, we see that the Character Development has stuck. Not only is he slightly more capable in a fight, but he actively tries to help Guile and Alex save Ryu, even attempting to convince Sakura not to throw her life away for revenge. When Dan Hibiki is telling you something like that, you know he's changing for the better.

But what I love most about the comic is the same reason I like the Archie Sonic comics: They provide what the game seems to lack: A coherent story. Now, I'm not saying that Street Fighter games have no story. I'm saying that the story is... disconnected at best. Between the separate arcade routes for the characters and Capcom Sequel Stagnation, the story gets confusing at times. The comic, however, manages to weave the games together into one flowing, coherent story that keeps you interested from start to finish.

The art, however, is rather hit and miss. Due to different artists working on the comic, you get different art styles. Some styles are beautiful to look at. Others are... Not so much.

Overall, the UDON Street Fighter comics are a great adaptation of the games and very worth a read. I hope Street Fighter V's cinematic story mode does well. After that abysmal launch, Capcom needs a turn around to Win Back the Crowd.