Reviews: One More Day

Wasted Potential

You read that right. Comic fans are rarely accepting of multiple big changes to the Status Quo...with good reason of course; many, including this one, don't turn out too well. This COULD have been a great Spider-Man story, lots of wasted potential.

Aunt May is dying from a gun shot wound. Peter, believing he is responsible for her impending death, feels guilty. Standard Spidey angst.

Peter obviously wants to help her. He turns to his friends in the superhero community. Iron Man acts like kind of a stupid dick, but then again this WAS Civil War...Reed Richards is Useless as ever, too bad Doom can't show him up this time...the Sorcerer Supreme can't heal a gunshot wound either...Um?

That's ok, because Mephisto can! For the price of what is essentially a super-annulment as their marriage is erased from history (along with what is essentially a forced abortion of their past/future daughter who was possibly the extremely popular and long running female super-heroine Spider-Girl, because divorce is immoral!).

The bigger reveal is that Aunt May actually WANTS to die. She believes she lived a full life, she is in pain, and wants to see Uncle Ben again. THAT is a big bombshell of potential storytelling my friends. Comic books have slowly gotten past certain stigmas to be taken seriously as 'graphic novels', partly due to Spider-Man's help in bringing about the socially conscious Bronze Age which was followed by the 'mature' Dark Age. This terrible comic could have seriously and tastefully discussed Life Support, Assisted Suicide, and other related issues. It could have been What If Peter only had One More Day with Aunt May? Then, Spider-Man could have been fearful that what happened to Aunt May would happen to MJ, and so decide to erase the world's memory of Spider-Man to protect her. Or Linkara's idea to have MJ be the one mortally wounded instead, that would have been an interesting concept. So many directions it could have gone.

Instead Peter and MJ agree to a depressing Deal with huge negative ramifications and no long term benefits. The villain wins and they don't even really get 'One More Day' together. This story is very poorly thought out and terribly executed.

As much as I hate this crappy comic, I won't give it a Zero. It gets a 1 out of 10 (for the covers and some of the interior artwork, certainly NOT the writing)