Reviews: Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating The DC Universe

A new world

When I picked up the first collection of "Just Imagine", I was in awe. A new, remarkable way of looking at the heroes and their lives. I found it thrilling and enthralling. The second collection also lived up to expectations, bringing in more heroes and plot threads, hinting at what was to come in the finale.

The third graphic novel was well done, and the story well told. However, I felt the end was a bit of a cop-out, with a dose of Deux ex Machina, particularly where Robin and the Atom are concerned.

Nevertheless, it is a remarkable story, and well worth the read for the take on the traditional DC characters, the way they are rendered so well as people with so relatively little time to develop them, and the heart and love behind it that is shown through the storytelling.

Above all, the story is about a connection to humanity and that side of self.

I am particularly fond of Catwoman and Batman's new incarnations. Superman and Flash are fairly impressive in their own right. The rest are pretty good, and no doubt have their own fans.