Reviews: Infinite Crisis

An Infinitely unneeded Crisis

From the publishers who proved with Crisis that comic book crossovers can be absolute masterpieces, and who proved in later years that comic book crossovers can totally suck balls, comes... a completely unnecesary sequel!

In a universe filled of corrupted heroes, antiheroes, bounty hunters, brutal villains, gruesome deaths, major disasters each year and many Frank Miller wannabes, four survivors from another dimension will say that it's enough, and will try to bring the world back to Ye Goode Olde Days of black & white morality. And they will do it with a deadly group of super villains, an armada or deadly robots, cosmic genocide and plain and simple genocide. Say what? Even "The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe" had a simpler plan for that, and a higher success.

Get ready for a fight against Mongul, which does not add anything to the plot and is just filling space. Suit up for a meeting of alternate Super Boy with cloned Super Boy, who wants to tell him that he should be a better hero, and of course it ends with an absolute carnage, devastation and massive damage to private property. No, seriously. Enjoy the thrill of several unrelated desperate battles, that you can hardly even understand what's going on unless you have read all the other comic books by DC. Meet Power Girl, who is used as a main character for only one reason... well, name that two reasons. Meet again the original Superman, who basically becomes the Pat Buchanan of super heroes. Rediscover the Superboy from Terra Prime, who behaves like a nigh-undefeatable teenager on a tantrum. What wrong with you, kiddo, Superman and Lois did not allow you to go out on dates? Suit up for a lot of changes in the DC universe, made just for kicks. For example, a kid beaten to death with a crowbar and caught in the ground zero of an explosion suddenly comes back to life, because Superboy has been punching reality.

Starring: Power boob Nš 1. Power Boob Nš 2. The old and wise Superman. The young and reckless Superman. The clueless Superman. The old and wise Lex Luthor. The young and reckless Lex Luthor. The clueless son of Superman and Lex Luthor... eh, what? Is someone playing a prank on me? No, here it is. Half Superman DNA, half Luthor DNA. Come on, you can't be serious! Oh, the humanity!