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(Un)Civil Mess.
Civil War was a mess. And even that might be giving it too much praise. And it wasn't just the attempts at moral ambiguity being handled rather poorly, either. It seems to me that Mr.Miller didn't know how to write anyone that he used in the book. He completely forgot (or was either unaware of, or chose to ignore, ) how the characters are supposed to act, and of their past histories with each other. Cap' and Tony are the biggest blunders by far; they're best buddies, having known each other for years, and while they've had their disagreements, they've always been able to work them out in time. And they would never go so far as to fight each other in a full-blown war. Except they did. Because Miller doesn't 'get' the two, or their relationship. And everyone else had similar problems, (Spiderman revealing his f'ing Secret ID, anyone?) as well. But, while I'm sure many already know the following, Tony, (or should I say 'Fuhrer Stark, ') was the biggest offender.

So, I would be sorry to say this, if Civil War had anything redeeming to it, but it doesn't; anyone who likes it needs to get a reality check. I'm all for having your own opinions, but I just can't help but be completely baffled at why anyone would like this atrocity.

(Now, to be clear; I think that Civil War could have been good. It definitely had an interesting premise, and could have actually been really darn good if handled well. But it wasn't handled well. What we got wasn't even the complete opposite of 'handled well', because this was even worse then that. I think what we needed was a different writer then Miller; someone who could truly understand the issue at hand, who got the characters, and who could show both sides as being truly ambiguous; neither explicitly right or explicitly wrong. But that just wasn't the case.)
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