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Words form a fan
A truly amazing work from an independent author, colorful cast, unexpected plot twists, evident effort on character development. A solidly built world and "magic system" always do the trick with me. This comic amused me to such extent that i thougt it deserved a page on tvtropes. If you understand Spanish, itīs a good read.
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You must read it if you know spanish
The series, begins hanging lampshades and parodying a variety of anime and manga tropes and with a barely simplistic artstyle, but since the very begining the plot and characters hooked me up. After some chapters, a lot of suspense is created and the story begins to unfold, it sudenly becomes deep and with twists that are almost impossible to see coming (but there is a lot of foreshadowing for them), the motives of the characters are revealed and you can see the author carefully constructed their psichology, and there are a lot of crowning moments of awesome. In a nutshell, don't let the apparent sillyness fool you, it becomes better than a lot of proffesional mangas (and gets a lot of art evolution), while maintaing a lot of humor.

As for the comedy, the jokes are funny most of the time, altough some may become confused since the humor sometimes can get really Spanish, the humor has been described as "american like humor" by readers though. There is some toilet humor but if it bothers you don't worry, is not that much.

As for now, it is only in spanish but if you can understand it, give it a shot, it is awesome:
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It just rocks hard, really. Makes me laugh again and again, but it's not just a gag manga. It has a deep story behind, a lot of philosophy in it (even if it doesn't seem like it at first glance)... and a lot of social criticism and satire even (especially with teachers, being the author himself a teacher). Well, I don't think I can really say much other than I love it.

Also, just commenting that the element "Alcaesto" would actually be translated to "alcahest" (or "alkahest", but I like better the former spelling). It's a word that dates back to the 14th century, with Paracelsus and alchemy and the like... It took me about 2 hours to find the name in English.
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