Reviews: Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog

The Fastest Thing Alive

Let's get this out of the way first off. Sonic the Archie Comic wasn't perfect. The first 13 or so years, while having its' moments, were mired with bland or half-baked characters, nonsensical and convoluted writing, and a lot of stories that were either mediocre or just plain BAD. A lot of this was due to the most profilic writer of that era, Ken Penders, who was such an egoistic primadona that he would wind up stripping the comic of most of it's characters and lore just because he thought he was a special little snowflake, when his stories and characters as he wrote them weren't much to write home about in the first place. And niether were most of the other writers.

And then, in 2006, a miracle happened: Ian Flynn. In short order, he singlehandidly turned the comic from something that was mediocre at best and asasine at worst into a tour deforce; into something that was not only the best take on Sonic story-wise ever, but also just a kickass comic in its' own right, and that's saying something. For 11 years, the comic was now a grand mixture of awesome action with a suprising amount of character and heart. Sonic and co could be kicking butt one minute, and the next, you get a sobering scene of just how they failed a supporting cast member from a previous run. It's amazing stuff, and while I didn't care as much for the Postboot stuff as much as for the Preboot, it's still really good in its' own right.

And now, at long last, it's finally done. Over 24 years and an award for being the longest running comic based off a videogame ever, the comic has finally come to an end. So with all that said, is the comic as a whole really worth checking out? And the answer is: Yes. Absolutly. Even the pre-Flynn years for all their faults still have moments of enjoyment to be had, and while any grown adult with half a brain can tell a lot of them suck, there were still legions of kids back in the day who didn't know any better that still have fond memories of it all today. (Me included. Unfortuantly.) And the Flynn stuff is genuially kickass. Whether you're a Sonic fan or not, this is still one of the most noteworthy comics to ever hit the stands, and from Flynn onward, it's also one of the best.

Sonic Universe post reboot reaction (55-67)

So far, so good, in my taste.

Okay, that's too simple, let's start with my problems with the reboot. I've been waiting years, FREAKING YEARS, to see Black Doom since his appearance back in issue 170, and now we finally have freaking Team Dark fighting the evil Black aliens... except they are not fighting the invasion for the first time, apparently, Shadow the Hedgehog is now canon with the comics and the fight with Doom happened Off-Panel/In a Broad Strokes kinda way. Bullshit!

I mean, what a freaking disappointment!

Okay, we got that out of the way, let's talk a little about the arcs:

1) Pirate Plunder Panic : I kinda dislike when Yardley! writes the script, I mean, I love his artwork, but his writing seems okay compared to Ian Flynn (I like him, but is just my opinion). I do however like this arc, finally we see Burning Blaze! Still, Blaze is kinda disappointing in the comic series, since she doesn't really have that big storyline compared to Silver. She is just an extra character. This arc was fine, a refreshing arc for the Big Crossover with Megaman (which I don't like that much).

2) The dark trilogy however, is doing great! We see this new character, Eclypse, who, I'll admit, I was not very fond of him, don't know, reminds me of a fanfiction character, but with time, I got to like him, with his relationship with the black arms. Chip from Unleashed finally appears, and the fact he is going with Knuckles instead of Sonic, and Charmy was the one who called him Chip, seems pretty clever for me.

Overall, the crossover and reboot killed the mood of the series for me for a while, but now, I think I don't have a problem with seeing how the Archie staff solve this.