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Thanks, but no.
Just like "Violence Jack" all the hype surrounding this movie is about the shock value, but deep inside this movie isn't very good or interesting. It is the kind of movie that wants to be "edgy" or "extreme" but fails in the characterization, uses a muddled and incoherent plot and one-dimensional characters.(All the women are defenseless victims or sex-starved harpies and things like that.) Now you could say that " it is a porn movie, who cares about character development", maybe, but I think that "Urostsokidoji" is just the example of why people that hates anime says things like the fans are going to love anything that came form Japan if it have lots of mindless violence, naked girls with big breasts being raped and whining . I only have seen the edited version, so I guess that the original would be less confusing and muddled (or maybe not)As movies go, the art of this one isn't the best. It would have been acceptable as an OVA (which originally was before editing) since the art and animation is decent, if not great. It's an old title, and it shows. Tentacle rape? No thanks.

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