Reviews: Shinzo

An odd one

Shinzo is one anime that I used to watch when I was young and the broadcast system of my country still had animes. Reading the tropes page obviously brought me memories. And that it was odd. This is the typical shonen for kids, but the problem is that there are a lot of odd stuff that I realized even when I was a kid.

First the story is straightforward, the quest for Yakumo (who had another name) to survive in a hostile environment with her friends. Even as a kid, I realized that a lot of things didn't make sense, like dinosaurs, and the card system, what was the point in creating monster in cards? But the most obvious was when they reached the Rusephine arc and she uses her powers to get rid of other three generals. It meant I could never see Mushrambo fighting them. To tell the truth, I don't even remember why they needed to defeat them, since humanity was already doomed.

And then, it came the Time Travel, introducing a villain group from basically nowhere with Lananforas, I mean, Lanacuras and then it stopped to make sense, relying in AssPullelry.

Would I watch it again? Not at all, I watched it to the end because I was stubborn. But this anime was the first one that made me think, because it had so much wasted potential that, I believe, was the first one in which I pondered the weakness and strengths in an objective and subjective way.