Reviews: Senki Zesshou Symphogear

Feebly Connected through Song

Score: 6/10

Summary: Noise, creatures that can turn humans into ash, attack the world (which we all know is centered on Japan in anime). All conventional weapons fail against these monsters; however, there is one hope, an experimental armored gear fabricated from ancient relics, called Symphogear, powered by the strong sound waves of songs. Our story follows the lives of the Symphogear wielders, Hibiki and Tsubasa, and their battle to protect the world from the destructive force of the Noise.

Premise: Nigh invulnerable monsters attacking humanity is an overdone direction as well as the magical girl aspect, but that's not to say it not fun to watch. On the contrary, it's rather entertaining because of the characters, use of song as a power source, and the dark tone. I would say it's Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Light Musical.

Story: Starts off with a strong set up, but falls flat towards the end with little build up or explanation for many important plot points. Even though blatant hints to future events show up, the lack of build makes them unbelievable.

Characters: Most of the characters start of very interesting and strong; however, only a few go through development that is rather fulfilling while other important character, such as Hibiki, don't change, but only grow strong in their convictions.

Animation: The series suffers from low quality animation that distracts from an otherwise decent story.

Special Mention, Music: Each Symphogear wielder must sing a song to activate their gear, making for an interesting evolving soundtrack. Each song is unique and matches the characters well while highlighting their purpose, as a good character song should. The songs have some listening value outside of the show as well if you enjoy them.

Overall, Senki Zesshou Symphogear is a series worth watching for, if anything, an average story, somewhat satisfying ending, and a great soundtrack. I will state that it is a somewhat typical magical girl, but escapes with its combat and darker nature. I would have liked to see more episodes and care go to the plot; however, for a thirteen episode series, it does well and has some interesting developments up its sleeve. It does however suffer from bland supporting characters, little explanation, poor writing and animation.

Not recommended, but enjoyed