Reviews: Samurai Pizza Cats

Freakazoid has a new room mate.

Samurai Pizza Cats is easily one of the most meta, self aware shows I have ever seen. Essentially, its Freakazoid with robotic cats instead of a blue skinned maniac. The pizza cats are fully aware that they are cartoon characters, and constantly lambaste their own show and narrator. Their chief rival doesn't want to just kill the pizza cats, he wants to reduce their screen time so HE can be the star of the show. The big bad isn't interested in taking over Little Tokyo, he wants people to panic so they go out and spend more money on his cheep knockoff goods. The narrator is a prima donna that whines about the abuse he receives constantly, and often bickers with the villains and heroes, sometimes giving exasperated advice when someone forgot to read the script.

The song that plays when the Pizza cat's launch is also hilarious, lampshading several over the top claims that are often made about cartoon heroes by stating that "These are the only heroes that wear fur!" And then laughing darkly at the unfortunate implications that comes from this. The rest of the music is pretty forgettable if catchy, its not something you will find yourself humming frequently.