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You want an image of the future. Imagine this dvd sitting in your living room. Forever...
A magnificent, must see series. Don't wait to see this anime. After reading this review, if you haven't started watching yet. Do so immediately.

If you consider Cowboy Bebop to be the holy grail of anime, than Psycho Pass has some words for you. If you think Philip K. Dick is the only master of Dystopian sci-fi, Psycho Pass has something to show you. If you think Judge Dredd has the patent on Judge, Jury, and Executioner style future street cops, Psycho Pass has a much bigger gun. If you loved Minority Report. If you loved 1984. Loved Soylent Green. Loved The Dark Knight. This show is for you. All those I just mentioned, Psycho Pass takes a little bit of it all and more.

It has an extremely likable cast of characters, who are easy to care for with just few moments of screentime. And lot of the time a few moments of screentime is all they get. So Psycho Pass tends to make it count. The animation is topnotch, with loving detail given to it's setting. Let it be said that this show's fight choreography is among the best around. They're always intense and professional looking. This show will really make you stop and compare how terrible the fightscenes are in shows whose entire point is fighting, when up against Psycho Pass's.

The music loves to invoke Classical symphonies against brutal horror and Gives exactly the right atmosphere of noir/psychological thiller.

And on the villain of the piece. Shogo Makishima is an Expy of Johan Liebert Done horribly right. An near emotionless monster, who commits acts of cruelty without remorse and sows seeds as an agent of chaos. But he's so charismatic and cultured, you sometimes find yourself rooting for him.

The only gripe one can have with it, is it's cliche character designs. From the protagonists to the villains, everybody looks exactly like you'd expect them to look in an anime. It's not breaking the mold and main the cast can't be described as looking memorable in the slightest. But I guess it was that or give everybody blue or pink hair. Now go watch it.
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Futuristic psychological thriller that hits some high notes!
Although the premise is a tad cliche (a futuristic metropolis where crime is rare and the government controls virtually every aspect of a person's life to ensure absolute compliance and security at the cost of sacrificing Free Will), Psycho Pass is a rare gem that could easily be considered one of the "greats" of the Winter 2012 anime season.

The series starts off with the introduction of the plucky and naive Public Safety Inspector Akane Tsunemori, who has a rose-tinted glasses view of the world and is an all-around optimistic idealist. Inspector Tsunemori is assigned to the Public Safety Unit headed by the hard-ass "protocol first" Ginoza. Akane meets the unique members of her new unit, many of whom are actually either former criminals or consummate specialists in their use and understanding of the Sibyl System. The Sybil System is the government-run "Thought Police" computer system that has the ability to scan a person's psychological outlook to determine whether they need therapy or execution at the hands of the Public Safety Office. Inspector Tsumemori believes that the Sybil System is perfect, but soon her thoughts and ideals are challenged when she is partnered with former inspector-turned-criminal Kogami.

The show is deeply engaging, as we watch Akane slowly change and mature from a little girl in her idealistic cocoon, to a young woman enforcing law and order in a world where perfection is too good to be true and easily misleading. Throughout the show, Tsunemori continually questions her ideals and struggles with trying to understand why Kogami is treated as a criminal by Ginoza when he is such an asset as an inspector. Characterization is rich, with brief flash-backs that fill in information on main characters and why they are the way they are.

Psycho Pass is NOT for the faint of heart! The show is rife with gore (there are often brutal murders—the first episode is a good indicator), and the "Dominator-esqe" Enforcer gun that the inspectors use frequently blow suspected criminals to bloody pieces. However, for a mature audience this show is not to be missed.

Unique characters and thought-provoking issues lay at the heart of Psycho Pass, and those wanting something more than typical Shonen action/drama/comedy should DEFINITELY check this show out.
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