Reviews: Princess Mononoke

Not Miyazaki's finest, but still a very watchable movie

Princess Mononoke is a very different beast to the usual fare of Hayao Miyazaki, but is still undeniably a brilliant film. The animation is beautiful, as with all Studio Ghibli, and the film does possess an enormous amount of power.

Mononoke is notably more violent than Miyazaki's other films. As in, it's REALLY REALLY VIOLENT, but this in no way detracts from it, as it suits the tone of the story. And what a story...

Far darker than other works by the same director, it drops Miyazaki's usual beautiful childlike innocence for a gritty historical fantasy style, although many of his hallmarks are still clearly there, such as strong female characters (arguably more so than any of his other films), and copious amounts of Scenery Porn.

Don't go into this expecting Ponyo, this is a very mature film, and one I'd highly recommend, but, I cannot compare it to the likes of Castle In The Sky, as, quite simply, the feeling of childlike wonder most Miyazaki films instil in the viewer is not there, even if the plot, with it's morally ambiguous tale of man versus nature, is most likely his strongest.