Reviews: Only Yesterday

Subtly entertaining

This is a slow movie, and not in a bad way. Most of the movie consists of quiet scenes with lots of dialogue and for a lot of the film there is almost no music until Takeo arrives at the farm. It is hushed and humble, as many Miyazaki films are and there is no epic action or knee-slapping comedy or even a passionate romance. Everything is toned down and Takeo's life is shown with care; adding random scenes of childhood that are nostalgic for the audience. It's a gentle movie, one could say simple, but I classify it as gentle. And in a way, it's very realistic in how it's a relaxed and laid-back way of screen-writing because life isn't always intense and dramatic. Sometimes it is quiet with lots of pauses while we gather our thoughts. I think Studio Ghibli did a grand job of this modest film.

The animation is consistently smooth and believable, especially with the body language. The scenery is gorgeous, (it IS Miyazaki, after all) and some of the views at the farm are breath-taking.

It's not a masterpiece but I personally enjoy it for it brought a smile to my face as I remember my childhood and how I was very much like Takeo. I think everyone can relate to her one way or another. Some may call her a brat but that is how ten-year-olds act; at least that's how I was. Stubborn, selfish and carefree.

All in all, a good movie. If you're interested in slower-paced movies with less overarching plot lines I suggest you check this out.