Reviews: Najica Blitz Tactics

Najica Blitz Panties

Ok, let me get this straight. This series has made me ''very'' angry. Is it because it makes me feel i've wasted precious hours of my life watching it? No way!! It's an awesome series!!.

On the contrary, we have a strong plot which substitutes lack of means with awesome stunts, a dynamic Character Development with the budding relationship of the initially lone-wolvish Najica and the Humaritt Lila. That relationship casts doubts for Najica about her mission of retreiving the rest of Humaritts, as she sees the different kinds of relationships they can develop towards their masters (or the consequences of having none).

What makes you angry? Look at the title of my review and you'll have the answer. You probably come from the series' main page before reading this review, so I don't need to give you much context. However, I can tell there are probably Over Nine Thousand panties featured throughout the missions (the intro episode with its meidos and the hijacking of a ship full of girlspanties attached to flesh wearing sailor uniforms being the heaviest offenders). They Wasted A Perfectly Good Plot because They Just Didnt Care about the very interesting character dynamics they had created. And that, believe me, is frustrating. They didn't think their plot was good enough so they cranked up the Panty Shot content to unconceivable levels. The large chunk of panties featured wouldn't be too troublesome if the series had 26 episodes, but the law of decreasing marginal utility applies here, since it's a shorter flick. If, no kidding, a sixth part of the show goes in shooting panties, that's two episodes less you have to feature... well, the rest of the show, which would be useful to develop the secondary characters like Gento or Najica's coworkers.

In essence, a Missed Series Of Awesome due to cheap marketing decisions. Hell, AIKA featured lots of panties too and it was far more fitting with its damned Excuse Plot.

Still, Najica's adventures are worth watching.