Reviews: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

A Well Paced, Action Packed, Emotional Thrill Ride

Gundam Seed is more than just a great Gundam series or Anime. It is just purely great sci-fi all together. Combining elements of classic Gundam and Star Trek, amongst others, while retaining its own level of originality, it creates a well developed and involving feeling universe. A perfect setting to use for a show if this caliber. And Gundam Seed does not pull back any punches in anyway. Every point it hits, it hits hard and consistently.

On an Action stand point, Gundam entered the new dimension of animation well, as the action scenes are smooth, fluent, exciting. The characters enjoy using creative tatics in battle, rather than just relying on a stronger weapon. (unlike Gundam 00)

The Shows pacing is excellent. We always know where the characters are going, and why they need to be there. Te scenery changes between arcs are well done, and never too sudden or prolonged too long.

The show reaches emotional heights in the franchise. Characters develop flawlessly, and come a very long way when compared from the beginning to the end. We see and feel real anger between rivals as they want to kill each other, and heartwarming moments between friends and lovers. We watch characters become who they are, not just see it happen. Characters have depth, and aren't blank, one dimensional slates. (unlike Gundam Wing)

The overall story raises many fine points and undertones. Tackling issues like Racism, and wars that revolve around pure hatred, rather than benefit. It makes sense, does the science, and stays true to the Real Robot genre. This is a show I would recomend to anyone, its cool, involving, and intelligent. An A+ show, easily.