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Gundam 00 deserved a Great Finale. This isn't it.
Spoilers below.

A Wakening of the Trailblazer. The great finale that 50 episodes of Gundam 00 we're building towards. After the spectacular but still inconclusive ending of S2, I'd been hoping for something that would finish off this series in style.

Sadly, the same flaw that many argue plagued Gundam 00 cripples Trailblazer. Trailblazer attempts to cover too much in the 122 minutes or so that it has, and in it's effort to provide a epic finale for everyone noticeably fails to provide a real one for anyone.

The first problem is the rather large cast from 00, and the movie's attempt to provide a bit of screen time for everyone plays to the detriment of them all. The vast majority of characters see no character development, and frequently the movie forces characters into stasis so that they can play their predictable role in the plot. Sumeragi comes to mind, who despite the hints of romantic resolution with Billy at the end of 00 is winded back to late S2 status to facilitate her role on the Ptolemios. Setsuna, despite seemingly developing at the end of 00, reverts back to a introvert.

Others, most noticeably Louise, get regulated to extras and mostly sit the movie out.

The biggest problem is however that with the exception of Graham, Klaus & Shirin Setsuna, and perhaps Saji & Feldt most of the characters are static. None see a marked change during the movie, or during the 2 year time skip.

Meanwhile, the cast of new characters added is understandably weak, and frequently unnecessary. The only one that the movie makes an attempt to explore is Descartes, and when I say "explore" I mean have him fly around a new proto-type unit and kill him off to show the seriousness of the situation without killing off anyone's favourite. Meanwhile even thought the Ender's Game style story should work, the complete absence of any real antagonist does let the story flounder a bit. And then there was the ending.

The ending wasn't noticeable for what it solved, but for what it didn't. Feldt x Setsuna? It was suggested, and then left completely unaddressed. With the exception of Marina & Setsuna, no one from the central cast receives a mention in the 50 year later epilogue. "What Happened to the Mouse" Abound. While not exactly a bad story, don't walk into Trailblazer expecting something that will do the finale justice.

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