Reviews: Dragon Ball GT

Not (quite) as bad as it\'s made out to be

DBGT is of that special breed that frustrates me, that breed being a series that had good, even great ideas, but didn't implement that well.

Many of the ideas of DBGT are actually very good and in the hands of skilled writers, it is my opinion that DBGT's ideas could make for a show as beloved as DBZ, a legitimate continuation.

SSJ 4 was an idea that after DBZ I dreaded. Super Saiyajins was a concept by itself not altogether too well explained and then adding more and more levels seemed well frankly like plot devices. But SSJ 4's concept is actually logical given the rules of the series. Super Saiyajin and Oozaru are both transformations a Saiyajin can attain under certain conditions and it makes sense one do both at once. Bebi was an interesting villain concept as a member of the Tuffles, which could have made for a very compelling villain with good reason to do what he does and analysis the series star alien species and their warlike tendencies more, and his powers worked very differently then the powers of previous villains. And the Shadow Dragons were just brilliant in concept, seven dark reflections of wishes made throughout the series harkening back throughout the series, paying homage to the nomenclature of the series which got increasingly less relevance, it worked so theory.

However the writing was sub-par. The early villains were jokes, Goku being turned into a child did not make for an enjoyable series, many of the great ideas just weren't utilized well, the very fighting just didn't feel as epic, and their was an extremely poor usage of cast (the only two Dragon Ball characters to get any real usage most of the series were Goku, who was a child alot of the time, and Pan who....I don't hate like alot of people do...but she's too similar to Goku (especially Child Goku) to provide an interesting charater dynamic).

It wasn't all bad though. Some of the villains were cool enough (about on the level of Good DBZ Movie Villains) like Super 17, San Xing Long (Eis Shenron) and Si Xing Long (Nova) Shenron, and Yi Xing Long (Omega Shenron). The fights against all the people and Bebi were good...not great by DBZ standards but good. Held your attention. I also actually liked the SSJ 4 was at least different from the previous SS Js and wasn't reskinned Kaioken (*ahem*). But for most of the part it was just passable.