Reviews: Digimon X Evolution

Entertaining But Convolted

Digital Monster: X-Evolution is the tale of the struggle of a lone Digimon, Dorumon, to survive in a world on the brink of destruction. However, Dorumon holds the key to how it may continue and discovers a secret regarding his origins.

Pros: One fuerte of this film is its unique approach of focusing on the Digital World, thus showing how it operates without Human intervention. The battles, particularly Omegamon vs Wargreymon X, Omegamon vs Dukemon, and those near the end, are well done. It is also quite interesting to hear all the digimon from prior seasons, aside from Omnimon/Omegamon and Dorumon, with their voices retained.

Cons: The plot, unfortunately, starts to become highly convolted and difficult to follow at about two thirds of the way in due to a lack of speaking role for Yggdrasil. This film is also quite shallow and lacking in any insights on life (and hence why this review is rather cut and dry) in contrast to most other Digimon series.

Conclusion: This is not a movie for those who are new to the Digimon Franchise. Though for those who are fans, it is worth watching at least once. I give this feature a 7/10.