Reviews: Devil Survivor 2

From a player of the game (Be wary of spoilers)

I really loved the game. And when I heard the news of an anime for it, I was overjoyed. At the first episode I watched, I really loved it. Then came the next episodes...

Devil Survivor 2 isn't a bad anime. But it's evident that it has been rushed. From a gamer's point of view, you will notice many things amiss or different. Normally such little things shouldn't bother us, and in fact I liked how do they do things. Up until the first death of some jerk we all know.

The next episodes just became a bit more packed then (They did try to fit an entire video game in 13 episodes since they couldn't figure out how to fit them in 24 episodes). The deaths all became sudden and honestly felt less impacting then I thought they would be. Character development wasn't really occurring I think Aside from Daichi finally getting the respect he oh so deserves! It annoyed me how they kept making him say 'my demons are useless!

And this also suffers from badass decay. Characters only fight with their demons now and has to just run around commanding their demons like pokemons. It doesn't help that the demons aren't exactly having a character/demon development moment. And there were moments that just felt either cliche or an ass pull win for the good guys. At least to me. They could've expanded more on Io becoming Lugh's body, but that was also poorly presented in my opinion . But in the end I think it's all because I felt the game had more character building and respectful moments. The characters aren't like some sort of pokemon trainers doing nothing but tell their minions to do their work and then utilize the owner's willpower as a victory get symbol. Being a hardcore gamer of devil survivor, that's just my dedication to the game.

It's not a bad anime, but it's not my cup of tea. Or at least it's a different flavor from the dish enjoyed eating. You'll probably enjoy it more, depending on whether you played the game its based on.