Reviews: spore

The Space Stage >:C

The space stage is fun for a few hours. It's a good roll for maybe six hours or so until you get to the point that you realize, you're in a single player game.

That's right, you're the only person in the universe who can do anything about anything and it is horrible in this case. In other cases players don't mind being the only person lifting a finger because it's what makes the player useful but in this case it's beyond that, the player is married to a nagging wife or a useless husband.

"Oh help, we have ecological issues that you can fix with a friggin laser pointer but we can't press M1! Help us please!" What in the hell man, make an EPA, you're space faring, you should have an EPA by now guys. And space pirates, what the hell? It's be awesome if the space pirates were a possible nomadic way of life and you could find massive swarms of ships and even start your own for maximum ass kicking but that sounds too much like having a fleet.

Spore's space stage isn't meant for adults. It's pretty clear, a kid would love this stuff, a kid won't think usually why can't I have a fleet, oh no they will say "I wonder if I can arc this bomb onto that ship..." If you've been playing Sins of a Solar Empire or any sci-fi game with any sort of tactics required don't touch the space stage, you will be angry.

Is Spore a good game? No, it's a mediocre game, it's a popular game but personally I can't give it rewards for gameplay. The guts to just up and generate galaxies and planets like that as a gimmick was pretty ballsy though. See kids, if planets look the same in spore it's not the developer's fault AND you can fix it but in other games, yeah that's just the developers.

7/10 for a passing grade, would not recommend for a space buff but for a kid? Heck yeah, let em loose, just explain that sex doesn't work that way and you'll be fine...or not.