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Reviews Comments: Predictable, boring, and unoriginal, but not truly awful. Inheritance Cycle film/book review by SG man forever

I had the fortune of not having heard much about this series from sources other than the mainstream press' rave reviews of it, and my few friends who had read it, who thought it was amazing. They constantly told me about how it was great, and "was going to be our generation's Lord Of The Rings!" So I borrowed my friend's copy of it, and gave it a read with a completely open mind.

You know how all the press was saying stuff like "Paolini was already working on this as a teenager! Isn't that amazing?!"

It shows.

I figured out about halfway through Eragon that it was simply a Star Wars ripoff, and again, this was having not heard a lot of the online complaint about it, simply my uninfluenced opinion. The characters were the definition of 2 dimensional, the writing completely ignores the "show, don't tell" rule, and the whole thing reads like exactly what it is: a teenager's fanfic that just happened to get published. There's nothing interesting about the history or backstory of the world, the characters are boring, the writing lacks any form of subtlety, and the story is so blatantly plagiarized from Star Wars that after having read only the first novel, and having read not even a review of the second one, correctly predicted to my befuddled friend who owned the book, literally every plot twist and story aspect of the second book without having read a single page of it. Correctly I might add.

Now I ask you, if a book is that predictable, to where it literally can be predicted without having read a single page of it, is it really worth reading?

Not to mention, even the names are unoriginal. Eragon? Sound similar at all to the word "Aragorn?" "Arya?" Couldn't possibly be a derivation of "Arwen," could it? Naming the leader of a force "struggling" against it's oppressors "Ajihad?" The absolute feather in the cap of unoriginality is naming the dwarf king "Hrothgar".

However, in my final analysis of it, I have to disagree with people who claim it to be the worst book ever written. It's not quite that bad. It's not something "I wish I could forget," nor does it have any of the camp value some claim it to have. It's just not any good.


  • 5th Nov 10
The name Arya is stolen from the A Song of Ice and Fire (by Georde RR Martin)character Arya Stark, also a princess and a tomboy ... Christopher have claimed in a interview that this is one of his favorite series, so I'm not making things up ...
  • NolanJBurke
  • 6th Nov 10

  • NolanJBurke
  • 6th Nov 10
Oop...sorry 'bout the empty comment...anyway, I wholly agree with the review. There's plenty of stuff out there worse than Inheritance; what attracts the vitriolic criticism is the way so many people hail it as the ground-breaking genius it most certainly isn't.
  • Scow2
  • 10th Feb 11
I've not seen the completely two-dimensional characters everyone complains about. In fact, he's done a better job with having his characters' personalities come off as natural and pretty realistic than most "Good" Authors, because the flaws and idiosynchracies they exhibit aren't planned or intentional.
  • unitedfruit
  • 26th Oct 11
"the flaws and idiosynchracies they exhibit aren't planned or intentional"

Wha? You mean he meant to make them perfect, but accidentally flawed them? ... Or that he wrote stream-of-consciousness, so the characters feel (to you) like they're reacting "in the moment", so to speak? Or that they seem normal, but then unexpectedly whip out the n-word? Explanation plz?
  • eveil
  • 26th Oct 11
Last time I checked, boring entertainment is awful entertainment.
  • Glixinator
  • 27th Oct 11
On the name thing Eragon is derived more from taking Dragon and changing the first letter to the next one in the alphabet, its similarity to Aragorn is just an unfortunate side affect, Arya is actually a real name, never caught that one with Ajihad before, I just tend to read it as Aj-i-had, that actually seems kind of clever now that I notice it, Hrothgar is blatantly obvious, but how many Norse sounding names are most people actually familiar with? Personally I am far more bothered by unoriginal names for the book title than the characters in it. Taking the main character's first and last names as the book full book title in my mind is the most unoriginal thing an author can do. Add to that how often the Author's own name is written in the same size as the book title, or bigger, and even placed on top instead of on the bottom and you end with authors who, if you don't already recognize their name, you can't possibly tell it appart from the book title. I know they say you can't judge a book by its cover, but really now. At least no one will think the Author of the Inheritance Cycle is named Eragon, I mean I didn't even know that was supposed to be a persons name until I started reading it.
  • Eyclonus
  • 8th Dec 11
I find his retconning of "Era Gone By" more insulting than simple one letter change. I mean with all the wonderful cliche Mary Sue tropes he could've kept some shred of credibility by not dropping a meaningful name on his author avatar.
  • theoeverley
  • 7th Sep 13
Arya wasn't stolen from ASOIAF, it's a real Italian name

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