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Reviews Comments: The Fourth Wall has been blown up and raped. You'll probably like it. Scott Pilgrim whole series review by G Puzzle

Yes, ignore how stupid the title is. Anyway, why is Scott Pilgrim so good? I don't know. Maybe because of several Chekhov's Guns (that is more like a Chekhov's Arsenal), the destroyed Fourth Wall that keeps being broken, shonen-style fights, shoujo-style relationship, dramedy, or just the simple idea of a 23-year-old nerdy bassist that shares an apartment with his insanely gay and a sex maniac roomate and has his band whose name is a pun on a Mario character and Sex Bomb is surprisingly related to my life somehow. I think it's all of above. I can compare it to FLCL. While FLCL is a story of a boy getting out of his childhood and moving to his adolescence, Scott Pilgrim is a story of an adolescent becoming an adult. Both have the same epicness and craziness effect, but FLCL is wierder, FYI. On the other hand, for a person that was able to read all 6 books in 4 hours, I may have missed a ton of stuff. The author seems to have almost all (it's just not all because of Scott and his friend, Lit- I mean Neil) of the secondary (by that I mean reccuring characters) snarky women, bi women, slutty women or gay men.

On short, if you are here, I expect you to be one of the persons who is going to read that and like it a lot. Otherwise, I may say: "There is someone on TV Tropes with more than a minimal social life?"


  • Tuckerscreator
  • 6th May 13
Spelling correction time: It's spelling Chekhovs Gun. Chekovs Gun is what Anton Yelchin has inherited.
  • GPuzzle
  • 13th May 13
Well I just derped on that part really hard.

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