Reviews Comments: The Fourth Wall has been blown up and raped. You'll probably like it.

The Fourth Wall has been blown up and raped. You'll probably like it.
Yes, ignore how stupid the title is. Anyway, why is Scott Pilgrim so good? I don't know. Maybe because of several Chekhov's Guns (that is more like a Chekhov's Arsenal), the destroyed Fourth Wall that keeps being broken, shonen-style fights, shoujo-style relationship, dramedy, or just the simple idea of a 23-year-old nerdy bassist that shares an apartment with his insanely gay and a sex maniac roomate and has his band whose name is a pun on a Mario character and Sex Bomb is surprisingly related to my life somehow. I think it's all of above. I can compare it to FLCL. While FLCL is a story of a boy getting out of his childhood and moving to his adolescence, Scott Pilgrim is a story of an adolescent becoming an adult. Both have the same epicness and craziness effect, but FLCL is wierder, FYI. On the other hand, for a person that was able to read all 6 books in 4 hours, I may have missed a ton of stuff. The author seems to have almost all (it's just not all because of Scott and his friend, Lit- I mean Neil) of the secondary (by that I mean reccuring characters) snarky women, bi women, slutty women or gay men.

On short, if you are here, I expect you to be one of the persons who is going to read that and like it a lot. Otherwise, I may say: "There is someone on TV Tropes with more than a minimal social life?"


Spelling correction time: It's spelling Chekhovs Gun. Chekovs Gun is what Anton Yelchin has inherited.
comment #19287 Tuckerscreator 6th May 13
Well I just derped on that part really hard.
comment #19355 GPuzzle 13th May 13

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