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Reviews Comments: A bit confusuing to say the least. Green Lantern film/book review by emmens

Alright, so I'll admit to having been a bit jaded at the time when I watched the film, I'm probably going to be a bit biased in this review as well. So consider this fair warning.

I didn't like it.

I think it's best to say that it just felt like confused, I didn't feel anything toward the heroes, I felt sympathy for the human bad guy Hector Hammond, he was a college teacher/ geek who played online chess and ate ramen, his dad quite literally felt ashamed of him. As apposed to Hal, who has just about everything going for him, a girlfriend, high paying job, and now a ring that gives him super powers based off his imagination. I can't help but feel compelled to root for the empire here.

Parralax should have had more build up in my opinion.

I will compliment this film though in that it did make Sinestro feel legitimately "not evil" here, which of course makes it even more of a twist when he puts on the yellow ring at the end. Not that no one saw this coming.

It's not good but it's not bad. It just sort of is.


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