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Reviews Comments: Final Review Medaka Box whole series review by blueflame 724

After four years, Medaka Box has finally ended. Though I came into the series about two years into its run, it was quite the ride. It's a shame that this series didn't achieve popularity despite all of its promotions, but hopefully Nisio managed to fit most of the Medaka story into a fairly satisfactory manner. In all honesty this was my primary manga series for a time. I came in for a simple comedy and ended up with quite an adventurous series. As with many genre-shifts, I was apprehensive at the focus shift due to the uneven developments of the characters. But gradually I began to enjoy how the characters grew into their roles.

Medaka Box has its flaws as a series. Medaka isn't the most likable or relateable protagonist for many people, and so much of the manga seems to be building up to something, But there are quite a few poignant moments in the series which makes up for it. The author continually plays with our expectations on whether the roles the characters are in can truly be overcome Medaka shows that even the people at the top are human, and exactly what psyche would force her to help others. Zenkichi goes from the other end, showing how the average person can support others. While I do wish some other characters gained more spotlight, I enjoyed how Kujira among other supporting characters was developed. Her characterization manages to stay consistent as the eccentric researcher and as a foil to Medaka.

I do hope that someday Medaka and Zenkichi's stories can be expanded upon, but it seems that other than Kumagawa there hasn't been much material for spinoffs.


  • doctrainAUM
  • 25th Apr 13
Right now, for me, the ending has placed the manga in a dark light and I think I'd enjoy it a lot less if I reread it. Hopefully, this will pass in a couple of days.

Sometimes Medaka's Mary-Sueness will be played for laughs or deconstructed. Then, Nisio will play it completely straight, despite what happened before. Zenkichi is played as the Butt Monkey who doesn't accomplish anything of worth, up to the end, with only the occasional brief respite.

The romance seemed to flounder around for the last fifty chapters, with no progression or resolution. That was very disappointing.
  • blueflame724
  • 3rd Jul 13
I agree, that it's really not a series I would reread except for the poignant moments.
  • GAP
  • 4th Jul 13
Me too.

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