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How...would that make a great movie?

Look, the strength of the plot isn't the concept, its the characters and setting.

And no, easy combat isn't shit. Not very fun, but you're a perfectionist if you think it has to be uber hard.
comment #19018 T448Eight 21st Apr 13
Thanks for reminding me. I needed to change the title.

And you're using the word perfectionist wrong. The combat doesn't have to be uber hard. It just has to be balanced.
comment #19027 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
It was balanced, the enemies were a lot faster but you had a lot more damage to wreak.
comment #19031 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
Again. Bucking Bronco+Carbine/Shotgun= reap on you fucking reaper man.
comment #19033 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
Then don't always use that combination, you have to experiment in the game.
comment #19035 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
But I always came back to that combo, because everything else was either too inefficient, impractical or both.
comment #19038 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
What a childish review. And from the looks of it, you're whining because you can't ship Booker and Elizabeth any more. Poor you.
comment #19040 RegularAardvark 22nd Apr 13
Regular Aardvark@ Be civil.
comment #19043 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
Machineman@ I heavily doubt that. This review reeks of "nothing but complaining", did you even try undertow and the machine gun? Did you?
comment #19044 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
^^ What a childish comment. Your just upset because I didn't enjoy a game as much as you. *plays smallest violin*

I tried all the powers (who wouldn't). Pointing out that the game's plot is so fucking twisted that they have to render all of your actions moot is not "nothing but complaining". You can't handle that fact that I went against the grain and didn't give this game a review blowjob like everyone else. I can form my own opinions without the group's input, thank you very much.

Now do yourself a favor, and stop fucking sending me P Ms. You're coming across as a creepy stalker.
comment #19048 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
And you lost all my respect.

"You can't handle that fact that I went against the grain and didn't give this game a review blowjob like everyone else. I can form my own opinions without the group's input, thank you very much."

Yes, yes, we know your not some mindless drone. "review blowjob" Yeah, and learn to understand that people can have positive opinions of the game just as you can have negative.

But you don't bring up enough points in the actual review for me to take it seriously.

And I'm sorry, but the combat isn't shit. There are FAR worse examples.

All in all, this review is just like a Nostalgia Critic episode-its not a review until the very end. Its just snark and occasional valid points.

comment #19049 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
And you'd be surprised that I actually didn't think the game was great, so don't use the fanboy argument.

Easy combat is not shit.
comment #19050 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
This game is mostly story, so I focused on the story, now bog off and leave me alone.
comment #19052 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
  • Facepalm* Calm down or the review will get flagged.

And seriously? There are very few cutscenes in the actual game, no matter how story focused it is.
comment #19053 T448Eight 22nd Apr 13
I never said anything about cutscenes. I, like many others, do believe in story without taking control from the player.
comment #19054 MachineMan1992 22nd Apr 13
^^Now do yourself a favor, and stop fucking sending me P Ms. You're coming across as a creepy stalker.^^

Excuse me? What private messages have I ever sent to you?
comment #19055 RegularAardvark 22nd Apr 13
Oh, sorry, thought you were talking to me.
comment #19056 RegularAardvark 22nd Apr 13
There isn't much substance here. It isn't about giving a review blowjob (although hyperbolically arguing such extremes is a lovely thing assholes like you are wont to do). "I'm afraid its being frustrating was some kind of pretentious metanarrative point, but mostly because it is toilet water gargling insane." There is absolutely no substance in this, I say this because it was needlessly acerbic for shock value without any follow-up, validation or reference in the body. "If you're wondering why it's taken so long to talk about the game mechanics, it's because the story's time traveling lunacy overshadowed everything else, but also because it's just kind of shit. Just use Bucking Bronco and the Shotgun/Carbine combo, and bam, you're set for anything the game can throw at you." Again, there is no substance, just whining about the story in a cursory manner then a rather pathetic jab with your dissatisfaction with combat balance. What would help this section would be to describe how and why other weapon combinations are inefficient or simply less practical; It seems pretty implausible an entire fandom would overlook such a gamebreaking combination. I've heard some very good strategies for confronting the Siren, are you telling me using the Bucking Bronco on an already floating target with zombie meat shields whom, at close range, likes to reduce your accuracy and health with a shout? I find that difficult to believe. "the game bears the scars of repeated reworkings. Given this game's history, one could not ask for a more perfect metaphor; some where, out there in the multiverse, there's an alternate Ken Levine who published one of these Bioshock Infinite's That-Never-Were. Maybe that BSI is better." Again we have a hollow, shallow and unvalidated disparagement with no real evidence. What are these "scars" you are referring to, in such strong wording? How could it have been better, truly? Please elaborate.
comment #19169 Dvandemon 28th Apr 13
Don't like it? Write your own review.

Need substance? I'll let you know how I can fit complex feelings into a paltry 400 words.

Otherwise, if anyone's the asshole here it's you.

comment #19178 MachineMan1992 28th Apr 13
I agree that the game mechanically encourages you to reuse the same weapons non-stop. Upgrades are very expensive, so you are likely to max-out a couple of favourites, and then ignore the rest. I spent almost the entire game with the bucking bronco, carbine and hand cannon. I'd invested heavily in them, could always find just enough ammo to keep using them, and there was no reason to use the weaker weapons I hadn't upgraded. On replayed the game, I will try harder to be diverse, but that would be a self-imposed rule, rather than something I naturally did through clever game play design.

In previous [i]Bioshocks[/i], I used all the weapons. There wasn't enough ammo to stick with just one or two, upgrades were free and plentiful enough to upgrade at least half the guns, and as you carried everything, you didn't have to worry about losing your favourites. You'd always find enough upgrades and tonics to keep every weapon useful, you'd need to plan ahead which guns you were going to cycle through when taking on a Big Daddy, and the video mechanics in [i]Bioshock 2[/i] actually required you to switch up your weapons for research.

I also agree that the gameplay is the game's weakest point. Along with the poor decision about guns, the vigours are (though individually aesthetically interesting) too functionally similar. Bucking Bronco and the Ravens serve essentially the same purpose, and are so over powered, one of them becomes an inevitable choice for many players. As the gameplay revolves around swarming you with a half dozen mobs for mid ranged fighting, over and over, there isn't much variation in approach. Even the hard hitters don't really require much of a change up of tactics, beyond "move around a bit more", and only the same couple of hard hitters turn up over and over anyway. The hard hitters that do require a change in play style, like the Boys of Silence, barely feature except up until a tiny, tacked on section. There is very little of the inventiveness or variation of gameplay style required, as you'd see in games like [i]Half Life 2[/i]. Even the much touted Elizabeth tears provide little environmental variety beyond providing medikits, and maybe a robot drone.

All in all, the gameplay is never terrible, but it is unengaging and unvaried in the long run. It feels inconsistent with the far more interesting and personal story being told; it is segregated from the story, and feels like just a gamey obligation that flies in the face of the personal feelings Booker is meant to have.
comment #19185 maninahat 29th Apr 13
Damn, forgot this wasn't HTML.
comment #19186 maninahat 29th Apr 13
I would have preferred the game be a first-person adventure game, where you just go out and explore. Maybe you kill a few people, but for the most part it's just character interactions and puzzles.
comment #19193 MachineMan1992 29th Apr 13
I prefer maninahat's review much better. It actually builds an argument and reasoning in the game's failings. "Don't like don't read" is a shit argument; it's immature and evasive and you are well aware of that. Maybe emotion is your problem, no one wants to read a review that entirely about your rage, dissatisfaction or sadness at the games shortcomings. If you want to write a good review you must write persuasively, and being a reactive, angry gadfly is not the way to do that.
comment #19239 Dvandemon 3rd May 13
  • ahem* I should have said venomous and not reactive excuse me.
comment #19240 Dvandemon 3rd May 13
I was going to change the review. You know, evaluate my feeling more, really dig into why I think it's a game that disappeared up it's own asshole about midway through.

But you know what? I'm not going to anymore.

Shitheads like you and Regular Aardvark could have been civil, but noooo. You had to get inflammatory. So i'm going to leave the review as is, warts and all, since it apparently pisses you off so much in it's current state.

And you know what the hell of it is? Because of this constant back and forthing, my review is the first thing anyone who clicks on the review button sees!

So thanks for the publicity!
comment #19254 MachineMan1992 4th May 13
And thank you for one petty jab before turning tail and running.

Complain about inflammatory remarks when that's all your review and your responses have consisted of? Hyperbolic statements claiming we're trying to get you to give a raving blowjob to the game? Right...

If this is the intelligence and conviction backing this review and not the bitterness and negativity it seems to be I think we're all richer for it.
comment #20360 Dvandemon 30th Jul 13

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