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Not Bad At All
I have to say I was skeptical about this title when it was first announced. Another fighting game about DC comics? Seemingly about some sort of civil war? Sounded kind of 'meh.' However when I realised Netherrealm (The guys who resurrected the corpse of the Mortal Kombat franchise) were behind it, I warmed up to the idea. And boy am I glad I did.

The story mode is entertaining and is useful for giving a crash course on various members in the 20+ character roster. Hell it's actually a decent plot too (And by fighting game standards it's bloody Shakespeare since most of those games don't have much of a plot other than 'TITS'). Concerning Superman being pushed over the limit and forced to become an extreme Knight Templar. There's plenty of shenanigans with alternate universes to boot.

The mechanics are solid, many of the characters able move fluidly and most of them feeling unique in their own ways (Though some of them have some clear MK influences. Captain Marvel is basically Raiden and Deathstroke is Stryker with a mask on.) The Super Moves are insanely satisfying to watch, and the various arenas are all pretty fun to fight in (Though some are just recoloured versions of other arenas.)

The game is fairly Batman-heavy though, with an irksome number of Batman characters and Batman-related arenas present in the game. In addition the 'Clash' mechanic in the game is pretty fucking annoying, since it makes no logical sense most of the time and is little more than a cheap way for losing characters to recover a third of their health.

All things considered the good outweighs the bad. If you're a fan of fighting games you should give this game a buy. It'll be a good way to pass the time and I imagine there'll be plenty of DLC to add lifespan to the game. And it's pretty much a must-buy for any DC comics fan.


Good review, but I resent that fighting games only have plots about "tits". What about Blaz Blue or Guilty Gear? And we all know fighting games emphasize butts too...joking, though it is sad how many fighting games sell just by fanservice...
comment #18991 darkclaw 21st Apr 13
I have yet to actually play those games. I was more referring to the kind of fightng game where the plot just falls to the background and we're expected to just focus on the skimpy clothes.
comment #18992 Asger 21st Apr 13
personally I didn't understood why the super moves dish so little damage, specially considering they went with the 2 life bars mechanic. Then there's the whole re-spawning environment hazard issue.
comment #19004 marcellX 21st Apr 13
True, they can be underwhelming at times in terms of damage (You'd think an orbital piledriver from Superman would mulch you but, eh...) but damn are they fun to watch.
comment #19005 Asger 21st Apr 13
Guys, it's by the same guys who made Mortal Kombat. Characters hit with the X-Ray moves can be stabbed multiple times in the brain, heart, and spine and only lose about 30% health. I've seen characters get their organs frozen by Sub-Zero and keep on fighting with 100% combat efficiency.
comment #19051 gameragodzilla 22nd Apr 13
The issue wasn't a Suspension Of Disbelief but a gameplay one, super moves usually as not to say always cause major damage. Here I thought it was better to just do a normal combo and do the same damage while saving my meter in case my opponent decided to do a clash.
comment #19057 marcellX 22nd Apr 13
I see what you mean. However, one of the advanced techniques in this game is to combo into a Super Move, allowing you to deal insane damage. Plus, Clashes usually don't deal that much damage or heal that much health unless it's a massive disparity, so Super Moves are still advantageous in many areas.
comment #19076 gameragodzilla 23rd Apr 13
But you can also chain super moves into every other fighting game, while still not having the underwhelming damage issue. And clash is a mechanic that has nothing to do with skill, if you activate it when your gauge is simply more filled then you win it by default.
comment #19126 marcellX 24th Apr 13
Yes, but a clash can only be activated once for each player, and only on the second life, and only if that player is being hit with a combo. There are methods you can employ to avoid letting someone activate a clash, and even if someone does activate a clash, you aren't obliged to use any meter to counter it. The maximum health one can restore is around 33%, which, incidentally, is also the average amount of damage a super (by itself) will deal. There's some metagame strategy involved.

Also, to the reviewer, I think it's a little unfair to call Shazam/Cpt. Marvel Raiden, or to call Deathstroke Stryker. Hell, the only thing I can think of that Deathstroke and Stryker have in common are the dual pistols, and even then, Deathstroke can do a good deal more with them than Stryker could with his.
comment #19128 Ryuhza 24th Apr 13
C'mon, you gotta' admit that Captain Marvel is toting alot of Raiden's moves. I don;t remember MK vs DC too well, so maybe the moves are carried over from there.
comment #19136 Asger 25th Apr 13
"Connecting" a clash doesn't have any more strategy than any other chain (still less IMO), but after it's activated, it's a simple betting game, and given that as you said it heals about the same as a super, it can easily render it mute, also that's the issue, the super deals equal or less than in "single bar" games.
comment #19139 marcellX 25th Apr 13

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