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Reviews Comments: I'm going to hell I prefer this over The classic 90's cartoo Batman The Brave And The Bold whole series review by Just Let It Be

So when the first thing we saw was concept art of a very 60's pre-school friendly looking Batman, with Green Arrow and the Beetle my first thought was "Man this is going to suck", now I thought The Batman was nothing more than a soulless toy commercial, so I didn't exactly miss it, but this just seemed so much more pandering. However when I turned out to be completely wrong about Spectacular Spider-man (rest in peace) as not only was it "not bad" but it was the greatest Spider-man cartoon ever I decided to give this cartoon a chance. Not only was I wrong and it was good, eventually I enjoyed it more than The critically acclaimed fan-favorite 90's series. Don't get me wrong, the 90's cartoon is a well deserved classic, hell its theatrical movie Mask of the Phantasm is still the best Batman movie bar none. But for every great episode like Heart of Ice, Feat of Clay, Robin's Reckoning, etc there were plenty of just kind of there episodes. Not once was I ever bored by Brave and the Bold, its just so much fun. And its completely respectable to the Batman character, I know fanboys aplenty like to pretend the goofy Batman never existed, but he did. The Brave and the Bold doesn't make Batman an idiot, he's very much the hero we've come to love (I get somewhat of a less wooden Val Kilmer vibe to be honest) its just his situations are very Silver Age wackiness. Dark Batman doesn't necessarily equal good. And Light Batman does not necessarily equal bad.


  • HappyMan
  • 26th Apr 13
Then we can watch this show in hell together :D
  • JamesPicard
  • 14th Apr 14
Hey, I love the DCAU and I still think this show is a lot of fun. Honestly, why should you be sent to hell simply because you like a fun, light, campy cartoon? Enjoy what you want, and screw the haters. You're happy, and that should be all that matters.
  • DocBoggle
  • 1st Mar 15
a very fun, engaging, smart series, seconded by myself.

This series is well written, lots of fun, comically snappy, and a very nice homage to many beloved genre tropes.

It is arguable that Batman has had the widest range of artistic tones over the years, from the Campy Live Action Television Show of the 60's, gritty Dark Knight Returns, disturbing Batman Black and White print comics, as well as gaslight / retro / modern / futuristic mileaus. I love that Live Action, print media, and Animated offerings keep things fresh and exciting! Too often someone takes things in a new direction [ say, Dark and Brooding ], and it rocks, but then anything else deviating from the 'new norm' is immediately eschewed as somehow an inferior regression. There is no 'one right answer' to comics flavors. Imagine limiting yourself to one genre of movie [ say, romatic comedies ] without ever giving something else a try.

I think many modern comics folk are a bit oversensitive to the 'nerd' baggage and childishness of the 'funny papers' origins of their hobby, so lash out at anything new with those old origin trappings before giving it a fair day in court [ true, much original source material was pretty primitive and not very thought provoking ].

Give this series a shot by watching Deep Cover for Batman! and Game Over for Owlman!, and if they don't sell you, it probably isn't your bag, but you are really doing yourself a diservice if you just buy into a lot of the online 'hate hype' on this one.
  • LitleWiggle
  • 1st Mar 15
What I loved about this show was the absolute revelry in the Silver Age, and made it absolutley awesome. I, for one, think comics can get far too serious for their own good (even if I have enjoyed some GRIMDARK super hero stuff before, like Blackest Night) and found Brave and the Bold to be a very refreshing take. As well as enjoying the focus on obscure heroes, even if I didn't always enjoy what they did with them.

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