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Metal Gear Rising: Stupid Subtitle
Metal Gear is now a Hack And Slash game. A damn good one.

Who would have thought sticking Platinum Games famous disregard for restraint with Hideo Kojima's utter lunacy would be a math made in heaven? The gameplay is incredibly fast and silky smooth, the characters can at times be a bit silly, but most are likable and extremely funny. Speaking of characters, the boss fights in this game blew my shit completely down the street. Just when it seemed boss battles were going the way of the dodo, Platinum swoops in and delivers epic confrontations with super cyborgs, fights that actually require you master the game mechanics. Too many bosses are just "hit this guy a lot and don't die" and while there is some of that here, they're made skillfully enough that they aren't tiring. The central mechanic is Blade Mode, and over-the-shoulder slashing mode that allows you to carefully and accurately slice enemies with your Absurdly Sharp Blade, and features the most impressive slicing engine I've ever seen. Blade Mode is essential to regaining health and energy, and for defeating the bosses.

Fair warning though, if you play this game you WILL have your ass handed to you because Metal Gear Rising. Is. HARD. The penultimate and final bosses require you have mastered the (difficult, but completely badass) parry and blade mode. Speaking of the final boss, I'll conclude with saying that he is the best final boss, since the giant robot battle at the end of Intrusion 2.


Kojima wasn't involved with developing Rising at all actually. He wanted to give other people freedom to make a game and see what they'd come up with. Which is even more impressive if you think about it.
comment #18825 xanderiskander 9th Apr 13
Is it at all like a Metal Gear game though? That's the question I haven't found anyone who could/would answer yet?
comment #18827 TomWithNoNumbers 9th Apr 13
  • And I mean apart from obviously sharing continuity and being a different gameplay mechanic. Does it feel like a Metal Gear game? Are there moments like the bit with the Boss in 3 or the microwave corridor in 4? Are there things like having to switch controller ports to beat a boss, or being able to turn the system clock ahead and have another boss die of old age? Can you have long conversations about how wonderful it is to be inside a carboard box? Does the game make you do a hide and seek mission, and then have that person hide inside an entirely different mission
comment #18828 TomWithNoNumbers 9th Apr 13
Nothing quite as silly. The plot is fairly straightforward, and the bosses don't have any gimmick that require taking a hammer to the fourth wall. Besides, Metal Gear was a stealth game. Rising is a hack and slash. You can sneak sometimes but it's better, and more fun to just run out and murder everybody.

And yes, you do get a cardboard box.
comment #18902 MachineMan1992 15th Apr 13
The lack of sneaking doesn't bother me, I'm not attached to MGS as a stealth game as such, as much as a game that no other human being would design. Metal Gear Rising sounds like a really good game a clever developer would design
comment #18903 TomWithNoNumbers 15th Apr 13
Well, there is the bit where you fight evil mutant nanomachine Dick Cheney...
comment #18907 Iaculus 15th Apr 13
And where Ninja Cambodian Magneto hurls an entire armored division at you.
comment #18918 MachineMan1992 16th Apr 13
That ones cool in an in-game way instead of an out game way though. The Dick Cheney one might be interesting to someone whose got no interest in the game but with the armoured division, if you've got no context for the universe it doesn't necessarily mean much
comment #18920 TomWithNoNumbers 16th Apr 13
Long conversations... Yes, there's plenty of codec conversation if that's what you mean?
comment #18950 GentlemensDame883 18th Apr 13
No I mean more the ridiculousness of having a long codec conversation about how safe and secure Snake feels in his cardboard box.

You know, the normal series is full of things which aren't just weird in-universe like tank throwing whatever, but it's weird that anyone would ever think to put that in a game. Like the cardboard isn't cool because it's a cardboard box in a game, it's cool because no-one would ever have thought to put such an absurd mechanic into their stealth game. Now when it's put in other games it's tradition and they're just following the MGS example but when it was first thought up it was genius
comment #18951 TomWithNoNumbers 18th Apr 13
Blade mode is unique.

There is a brief back and forth about the box, but it's just a nod to the rest of the series. Most of the codec sequences are about the area, the culture or the bosses.
comment #18990 MachineMan1992 21st Apr 13

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