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This could've been near perfection, instead, it makes the viewer feel uncomfortable.
There are many, many, many things to like about Haruhi. It is well written, often creating highly amusing Sci Fi and Fantasy stories out of what would seem to be mundane situations. This is greatly aided by the fact that the show has generally likeable characters, including the deadpan snarker protagonist Kyon, the gloriously sociopathic antagonist come main character Haruhi, and the strangely likeable Rei Ayanami Expy that is Yuki Nagato. However, the characters also provide my primary issue with Haruhi, with the way in which Mikuru Asahina's character is handled.

I felt highly uncomfortable as a result of the unfortunate implications the show allowed itself into here, with poor Mikuru suffering from constant molestation from Haruhi. This unfortunately detracted from my overall enjoyment of the series, and I believe would put many people off of the series altogether. Haruhi was never called out for it anywhere near as much as she should have been, and the series instead seems to act as if Haruhi forcibly removing Asahina's clothes and making her put on a Playboy Bunny costume is sexy, something which it most certainly isn't.

This is a great shame, as I feel that everything else in the series has a broad appeal similar to that of the earlier Harry Potter novels, although with older characters and set in an ordinary college. Of particular note is the quality of the Japanese dub, with performances standing far above that of other anime. The English dub is also laudable, however I personally find that having anyone other than Aya Hirano playing Haruhi is just outright wrong to my ears, such is the quality of her performance.

The movie 'The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya' is highly worthy of note, and is something completely different to the TV series, focusing primarily on exceedingly well executed character development. Even if you hated the TV series, give it a try. Over the course of just under 3 hours, it beautifully tells a grand story reminiscent of It's a Wonderful Life, with the quality of the animation, the wit of the narration, and the fantastic use of music all ramped Up to Eleven in comparison to the already startlingly high standards of the TV series. My only issues were that I felt it was too short, and that it relied too heavily on continuity from the TV series to be accessible to newcomers.
You should go into detail. Give us at least 120+ words.
comment #18741 doctrainAUM 3rd Apr 13
Concise as all hell
comment #18766 ElectricNova 5th Apr 13
IT was crap. 92/100
comment #19558 Bobbk 29th May 13
New and improved, at last.
comment #21253 porschelemans 26th Sep 13
I dunno, Endless eight is stupid but doesn't really detract from the rest of the show. Season 1 is good, Season 2 non endless eight is good, And the movie is awesome and almost as long as the first season anyway... so i'd say it was overall good. I wouldn't count the movie separately, it's part of the series
comment #21255 ElectricNova 26th Sep 13
I personally greatly enjoyed the series, but found the movie to be poorly paced and occasionally tedious
comment #21264 Hylarn 26th Sep 13
More updates. Come read the new stuff people, come read the new stuff.
comment #22252 porschelemans 25th Nov 13
I thought you hated the dub.

Personally I hate to say it but the sexual harassment didn't put me off much, it was funny.
comment #22256 ElectricNova 26th Nov 13
I hated Haruhi's american voice actor. The rest was bearable. Crispin Freeman was good, although I preferred Tomokazu Sugita's version of Kyon. I was trying to write a review that gives people good advice on such matters, fully aware that I'm a bit of a dub hater and that if I just stated my honest opinion about every american dub of an anime I'd just be repeating the same thing about how I didn't like it over and over.

It was funny the first couple of times, then it just got grating, and finally disturbing.
comment #22264 porschelemans 26th Nov 13
Just skip episodes 2-7 of Endless Eight, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle.
comment #23033 porschelemans 26th Jan 14
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