Reviews Comments: This could've been near perfection, instead, it makes the viewer feel uncomfortable.

This could've been near perfection, instead, it makes the viewer feel uncomfortable.
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya is an enigmatic anime. There are many things to love about it, but in a few small places it almost seems to intentionally drive the viewer to hating it.

Haruhi is unusual in that its protagonist (unreliable narrator Kyon) and main character (hyperactive sociopathic antagonist Haruhi) are different characters, with Haruhi's slapstick sociopathy providing much of the show's comedy. They are joined by the stoic yet loveable Rei Ayanami Expy Yuki, effeminate new transfer student Itsuki, and the huge ball of unfortunate implications that is Mikuru Asahina.

This is where my problem with Haruhi comes in. Mikuru, despite supposedly being 18, is sexualised in an altogether inappropriate manner, a fact which is compounded by the constant molestation jokes which are made involving her and Haruhi. These factors are completely at odds with the rest of the series tonally, and wind up being nothing but offputting to the viewer.

This is a great shame, as otherwise the series is outstanding in many ways. The writing is witty, the stories inventively take mundane situations and put Urban Fantasy twists on them, the soundtrack is varied and enjoyable, the animation is wonderfully expressive, and the Japanese dub contains some of the finest voice acting I have ever heard. The only other thing one can criticise Haruhi for is the confusing episode order, which one ultimately has to look up to ensure they are watching it chronologically. (Also, just skip episodes 2 through 7 of the Endless Eight arc. They add nothing.)

The movie 'The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya' is highly worthy of note, focusing primarily on character development for Kyon and Yuki. Over the course of just under 3 hours, it tells a story reminiscent of It's a Wonderful Life, with the quality of the animation, the wit of the narration, and the fantastic use of music all ramped Up to Eleven in comparison to the already high standards of the TV series. My only issue was that it relied too heavily on continuity from the TV series to be accessible to newcomers. Even if you hated the TV series, give it a try, if you're open minded there's a good chance you'll love it.


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comment #18741 doctrainAUM 3rd Apr 13
Concise as all hell
comment #18766 ElectricNova 5th Apr 13
IT was crap. 92/100
comment #19558 Bobbk 29th May 13
New and improved, at last.
comment #21253 porschelemans 26th Sep 13
I dunno, Endless eight is stupid but doesn't really detract from the rest of the show. Season 1 is good, Season 2 non endless eight is good, And the movie is awesome and almost as long as the first season anyway... so i'd say it was overall good. I wouldn't count the movie separately, it's part of the series
comment #21255 ElectricNova 26th Sep 13
I personally greatly enjoyed the series, but found the movie to be poorly paced and occasionally tedious
comment #21264 Hylarn 26th Sep 13
More updates. Come read the new stuff people, come read the new stuff.
comment #22252 porschelemans 25th Nov 13
I thought you hated the dub.

Personally I hate to say it but the sexual harassment didn't put me off much, it was funny.
comment #22256 ElectricNova 26th Nov 13
I hated Haruhi's american voice actor. The rest was bearable. Crispin Freeman was good, although I preferred Tomokazu Sugita's version of Kyon. I was trying to write a review that gives people good advice on such matters, fully aware that I'm a bit of a dub hater and that if I just stated my honest opinion about every american dub of an anime I'd just be repeating the same thing about how I didn't like it over and over.

It was funny the first couple of times, then it just got grating, and finally disturbing.
comment #22264 porschelemans 26th Nov 13
Just skip episodes 2-7 of Endless Eight, you'll save yourself a lot of hassle.
comment #23033 porschelemans 26th Jan 14
Because I can never be truly satisfied, I did a bit more editing on this. I feel that it's far better worded now.
comment #25727 porschelemans 15th Aug 14
I still can't believe that the Mikuru jokes lower things for you that much.

I doubt anyone else will find them as hard to bear as you do.

"offputting to the viewer?" you mean, "offputting to you" because I have never seen anyone else complain about them.
comment #25728 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
Personally, I've seen rather a lot of people say that they stopped watching the show because of them.
comment #25731 porschelemans 15th Aug 14
Lolwut. I've never seen anyone say that.
comment #25733 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
Is porschelemans not a viewer now? And I primarily stopped watching because of those jokes, so.
comment #25734 MFM 15th Aug 14
So.... 2 people were put off by it?

Great sample there guys
comment #25738 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
OK, let's show Haruhi to your mother. What does she make of it?

Now, let's imagine that your mother watches a version of Haruhi with the molestation jokes removed. What does she make of it now?

I bet she likes it a damn slight more the second time.
comment #25739 porschelemans 15th Aug 14
My mum wouldn't watch anime anyway. And there's no way you can prove that a majority really care about some Black comedy in their animes enough to get offended.
comment #25740 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
Enough people would care (including myself, MFM, most likely your mother if she somehow wound up watching Haruhi, etc.) that it's worth noting in the review.

I'm not necessarily saying that a majority of people would find molestation jokes, but I'm fairly certain that if you took a random sample of 1000 people from the population and got them to watch Haruhi more than half of them would find the molestation jokes at least to be somewhat in poor taste.

Also, I resent the statement that the molestation jokes in Haruhi were "black comedy". I found them to be borderline fetishised "humour" derived from one of the characters non-consensual suffering that I can honestly imagine causing distress to any victims of rape or sexual assault who happen to watch the show. In this regard I can only condemn it.
comment #25741 porschelemans 15th Aug 14
I doubt more than half of the sample would care, you have no rational basis to say this. Whether people find it in poor taste or not, I doubt that it would drag the WHOLE show down for many people. It's really an exaggeration to say that one thread of jokes can drag a work down. People may not agree with it necessarily, but they won't say "RUINED FOREVAH" like you seem to have done.

I mean, for example there's this video game called Catherine. It's quite good. It's also quite transphobic, which I dislike. But even though I despise that aspect of the game, it doesn't drag the full product down to me, because everything else is good.
comment #25743 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
I never said that it ruined it for me forever. I still love Haruhi.
comment #25744 porschelemans 15th Aug 14
you said it drags it down though, when it really shouldn't
comment #25745 ElectricNova 15th Aug 14
I can't watch it with people who I know would otherwise enjoy it an awful lot because they'd just complain about the molestation jokes and be blinded to the rest. That drags it down for me.
comment #25746 porschelemans 15th Aug 14

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