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Reviews Comments: Review of Beyond The Portals Spectrobes game review by Icestar 1186

In my opinion, the best game of the three. It has great graphics, the battles are satisfying, and when you get stronger, so do some of the enemies on the earlier planets. There are few, if any, instances where you need the guide. The elemental armor seems to have no purpose anymore except for being cooler than plain white, but that's forgivable. Battling is intuitive and easy, unlike the original. It is also quite possible to skip all the battles except the bosses. However, the lazy people who do that are in for a surprise, as the bosses are hard to beat without a few levelups along the way. (You can cheat and level up with minerals... But only if you clear out an area so the Child Form Spectrobes aren't afraid to help you look). The sword, blaster, and glove actually do something in this game, and in general, it is a fun game. My only complaint is the three spectrobes and assortment of ship parts that don't seem to be avaliable without the cards, and while decks of bonus cards are probably easy to find, I haven't been able to get them.


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