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If you hated it all the way through, why did you watch all three seasons? That seems kind of petty.
comment #18719 Kerrah 2nd Apr 13
I'm Menotti: Because i wanted to see why so many people enjoy it:I kept thinking "Am I missing something?There is something I don't see?" I'm afraid the answer is no.And after all,how can I review something if i don't watch it?
comment #18721 menotti 2nd Apr 13
Terrible grammar, and the review asserts without providing examples.
comment #18722 Tuckerscreator 2nd Apr 13
Sorry,not an English speaker;but I could review some episode for examples...
comment #18723 menotti 2nd Apr 13
Put the text in this review. You're not supposed to do multipart reviews.
comment #18730 Tuckerscreator 2nd Apr 13
I also hate this show, it is NOT the best cartoon ever and anyone who says it deserves to have their hands and mouth taken away so that they can no longer say or type that bullshit.

Also, some people just like to watch stuff they hate because they like bitching about it later. I, for example, watched Dexter seasons 5-7 even though it just kept getting worse and worse and worse and I knew that it wouldn't get any better.
comment #18731 ProtomanX 2nd Apr 13

This really isn't a good review. Pretty much every other negative one on this site is a hundred times better.
comment #18735 kay4today 3rd Apr 13
What? What show are you watching? I see no jerks. Unless someone tied you to a chair and forced you to watch "The Mysterious Mare Do Well" a thousand times over I'm at a loss trying to figure out where you are getting off at calling the characters jerks and Karma Houdini's.

If anything they get called out damn quickly or in the case of Rarity she is very self-aware and doesn't even require being called out.

The bad guys don't do anything stupid at all,in the first case it was a loss to Batman Gambit. The second case was just the outcome of Pride,the the third case,...fine that was stupid. The final case was literally because Twilight brought Spike with her

Aesops are twisted every which way that's just what happens,and yeah there is the unintended one as well,but for what is aimed,they usually get it right and effectively.

And to call it Twilight,...seriously??? That's kinda low.
comment #18742 terlwyth 3rd Apr 13
^Weeeelll, there is that train mystery episode. She might also be thinking of some moments in other episodes, like the episode with Gabby Gums or Angel in Putting Your Hoof Down.
comment #18743 doctrainAUM 3rd Apr 13
Negative reviews are such a catch-22, if you say you didn't watch much of it people argue that you can#t be making judgements on it, if you watch a lot of it, people ask why you're watching something you don't like (although I think petty is pretty harsh) and you should stop watching and stop complaining.

You also pack a lot of information to such a short piece of text. 3 reasons in basically two lines? It would have been nice to have a lot more information on why you thought people were jerks though and honestly, because the review count limit is always short, this is probably one of those things where you need to be semi-close to it.
comment #18744 TomWithNoNumbers 3rd Apr 13
Luna Eclipsed,Lesson Zero,The Last Roundup,A Friend In Deed,Read it and Weep and Ponyville Confidential had one or several of the main characters doing something that cause others great problems(or even risking somebody's life)and almost never get called out for it(and if they do,they are Easily Forgiven).Heck,at times the Writers themselves seem like jerkasses. See for examples "Dragon Quest" or "Just For Sidekicks".
comment #18751 menotti 4th Apr 13
Hating a show is one thing, but attacking the writers themselves is unnecessary.
comment #18752 ASplashingKoi 4th Apr 13
...You included Read it and Weep in that list? Really?
comment #18753 SomeNewGuy 4th Apr 13
Seriously,stealing a book? Arson Murder And Jaywalking much?

Ponyville Confidential had them be called out on being jerks,'s true that the rest of the town was clueless on the aesop,but c'mon there's very limited space. And not only that but they were not easily forgiven

Luna Eclipsed had no such crap!

A Friend In Deed was Pinkie clearly being misguided,and she does try to amend things after learning that not everyone likes the in your faceness

Dragon Quest I will not dispute,it's my least favorite episode for a reason. But everything else is null and void.
comment #18754 terlwyth 4th Apr 13
@terlwyth: Ponyville Confidential did have the characters as jerks. Even more, the episode agrees with their treatment of the Crusaders, believing it necessary to teach them a lesson. They never get called on this.

Maybe she means when Pinkie pretended to be scared and pretended to think Luna was Nightmare Moon, just because.
comment #18755 doctrainAUM 4th Apr 13
Yes,this is exactly what I mean:her actions were clearly hurting poor Luna,and yet she never seemed to notice or care.Considering how she went ballistic when Gilda made Fluttershy upset,she come off as really hypocrite.And despite all of that it's Luna who had to learn a lesson? Also,yeah,I consider extremely petty go and steal a book from an hospital(and causing a chase scene) instead of...oh,I don't know...doing something crazy like buying it. And in A Friend In Deed Pinkie learned nothing.They use a giant Ass Pull to made her right once again.Not everybody has the same sense of humor.
comment #18756 menotti 4th Apr 13
@ kay4today Except for x86x 2's review. Trust me. It's the worst review I've ever seen in my life, even for a negative review on this site.
comment #18762 flamemario12 5th Apr 13
You hate the show, yet you watched every episode of it?



Don't make me pull out a reference from the show to ask, "Why watch the show if you hate it that much." Just don't, it won't be pretty. The idea of watching every episode of something you hate smacks of Hate Dumb.
comment #18809 tsstevens 7th Apr 13
Negative reviews are such a catch-22, if you say you didn't watch much of it people argue that you can#t be making judgements on it, if you watch a lot of it, people ask why you're watching something you don't like (although I think petty is pretty harsh) and you should stop watching and stop complaining.

The issue comes in extremes, if you didn't watched/read too little of something, even then it's not that bad, but most of the reviews called out on it are because of jumping to great assumptions. On the other hand you can watch a considerable amount of something and decide it's not for you, yet if you keep going knowing full well you don't like, then you're falling in complaining about shows you don't like. For example MLP has been acclaimed since it's beginning, so you don't need to watch every episode in all 3 seasons to get that you don't like the show, since it's not something like Parks and Recreations, where people say the show hit it off on it's second season, in that instance if you watched said second season and still didn't like it, then there's no more need to keep going further.
comment #18811 marcellX 7th Apr 13
@ Tom With No Numbers: There's a fine line between "I watched one episode of the show, and this makes me qualified to talk like I've seen the whole thing", and "I hated it SO MUCH, I watched EVERY EPISODE just to make sure it was really as bad as I thought." If you watched one season, that's enough to be able to give a negative opinion on a show. Even 5 episodes is enough for me. But if you watch every episode start to finish, well, it seems kind of pointless.
comment #20296 ading 23rd Jul 13
So when are we going to do away with the whining and get to the actual review?
comment #20319 qtjinla15 27th Jul 13
Hey I don't mind, at least it shows us that the Hate Dumb can be as ridiculous as the Fan Dumb. Yay.
comment #20322 kay4today 27th Jul 13
^Hm, well let's see here. From what you seem to claim, the worst things an anti-brony has done is merely complain about the show and giving his reasons as to why he doesn't like it. OTOH, the worst things that bronies have done are rape plushies of the characters, basically threaten people who don't like it, and end up physically embarrassing themselves because of their obsession with the show. Because you know, both anti-bronies and bronies are on the same level of intelligence.
comment #20324 x86x2 27th Jul 13

Step it up, senpai.

I've seen haters just as bad as those ridiculous fans. Just like some fans harass you for disliking it, some haters harass you for liking it.

Wait, are you that moron who compared this show with Barney the Dinosaur or was that someone else?
comment #20327 kay4today 28th Jul 13
^ Nah, the fans are worse. The fans have gone as far as to disrespecting actual history by photoshopping ponies into wars, landmarks and other tragedies as if they were on the same level...even though they it's a show for little girls. At least the haters are against the fans who don't have common sense and do stuff like that. They know their limits. You may think that haters harassing people for liking the show is bad, but when you realize the logic behind the fact by saying something along the lines of "Oh, you suck because you don't watch a show targeted at the oppposite gender that's less than half your age!", then that kind of stuff isn't necessarily unwarranted.
comment #20328 x86x2 28th Jul 13
Nah, they aren't. (see I can do it too) You're talking about the kind of people who photoshop Nyan Cat into 9/11, a morbid sense of humor that I don't share but whatever. And just like stupid fans photoshipping ponies into actual history because it looks cool to them, there are haters who do the exactly same only because "lol poni3s suck" (as in, they photoshop ponies into nazi concentration camp for example, yes I've seen a pic like that)

Just like some fans, some haters don't know their limits either. And no, we're not talking about the fanatical bronies being ridiculed, we're talking about normal fans getting pissed at because "lol poni3s suxxorz". You're either blatantly biased or just blind.

And you are the Barney guy, judging from the lack of reaction. The fact that your review got deleted in a place where that rarely happens and even the most ridiculous crap is getting a chance at being taken seriously speaks volumes. :P
comment #20329 kay4today 28th Jul 13
>"There are haters who do the exact same only because "lol poni3s suck" Well, you could say that was mainly an attack and criticism of those that actually do put ponies into history, mainly to show the drawbacks of doing such a thing to every single event in history, it seems. Besides, it mostly seems that the fans are the ones that did it first, thus making it valid.

>"Some haters don't know their limits" Hey, at least the haters have never actually went to a Brony Con and went on a giant brony massacre with chainguns, rockets and stuff. Meanwhile, you have bronies actually losing friends because they don't like ponies and people being hardly emotionally moved by anything that isn't ponies.
comment #20332 x86x2 28th Jul 13
Or I could say we don't know shit behind anyone's motivations. For all we know, the bronies' photoshopping was a response to the haters as well. Or we could just be reasonable and acknowledge that both fans and haters have mutual potential to be idiots who take things too seriously. But oh no, then you would stop being short-sighted and biased and we can't have that.

And on the other hand you have bronies losing their friends because said friends don't like ponies and can't take that their friend likes a show about said ponies. Again, it goes both ways. Are you really that narrow-minded?
comment #20333 kay4today 28th Jul 13
For the people who photoshop ponies into history, we may not know anything behind anyone's motivations, but it seems more likely than not that the haters are also doing it because they feel that the ponies and bronies are basically nazis as well because of how they seem to try and force every single person who isn't one into their "herd". Thus, by providing their social commentary on the subject, not only are they giving their opinions on the matter, they are also making the fans stare directly into a mirror at what they are doing, because it doesn't seem like bronies would just do a picture of something like that on impulse.

For bronies who lose their friends because their friends don't like ponies, that's because they feel too delusional to realize that no sane person would actually want to be awkward enough to watch a show like MLP because of its target audience and how the show isn't really that good to watch in general.

For the anti-bronies that lose their friends because their friends like ponies, that's because they don't want to associate themselves with such scum on this earth. The sane bronies they might keep (Key word being might) but will definitely ditch the ones that really obsess over it and treat it as a religion.
comment #20334 x86x2 28th Jul 13
Ok,can we stop this?You don't like my review?Fine!You think this is a great cartoon?Fine,I disagree but that is the point:I'm complaining about the show,not his fans,and I don't dare to think less of people who likes this just like I didn't dare to think less of people who liked Avatar,the Trasformers movies or Cars.My problem is with the cartoon and just because I don't think it deserves its reputation doesn't mean I'm against brony,pegasister or whatever the new nickname will be.So if you want start an antifans vs fans stupid discussion please don't do it over something I wrote.
comment #20335 menotti 28th Jul 13
^^ Jesus Christ, there's no talking sense into a conceited and biased idiot, is there? I take it back, you're a good example how the Hate Dumb can be just as bad as the Fan Dumb.

And no, what it seems the most likeliest is that some people have either a stupid sense of humor or take everything too seriously. That's hardcore bronies and hardcore haters alike. Just like you make your idiotic assumptions, I could easily spin it around and claim the exact opposite.

And here you are assuming that every brony would force their friends into watching it. Furthermore you're assuming that your opinion on the show is the "right" one (which is often the case with conceited gits), which speaks volumes of you. What kind of asshole would give up a friendship just because you dislike some cartoon they like? I have no words for how petty and ridiculous that is.
comment #20336 kay4today 28th Jul 13
I feel a lot of hate in this place. MLP = stirring up hate since 2010.
comment #20341 jippy6 29th Jul 13
Don't underestimate the Magic of Hatred!
comment #20346 kay4today 29th Jul 13
I think both the fans and haters are equally irrational. The reason why bronies have a bad rep for enjoying a children's cartoon is because they display their irrationality more than other fandoms and it's more bizarre and psychotic. They have photoshopped characters like Princess Celestia on Hitler, and have even physically assaulted others and sent death threats simply because someone didn't watch or doesn't like the show. The haters on the other hand don't hesitate to bully, harass, and pester people for liking a show they despise.
comment #20348 MsCC93 29th Jul 13
^I wouldn't say that bronies are more psychotic and irrational then other fandoms. There are fanbases that can be just as bad if not worse {Such as the Sonic fanbase}.
comment #20353 marston 29th Jul 13
^ No, most bronies are still just as psychotic as ever, don't deny it. They are just like the sonic fans.
comment #20355 MsCC93 29th Jul 13
He didn't say bronies aren't psychotic, he just said that they aren't particulary more psychotic than certain other fandoms. Twitards, the Sonic fandom and Beliebers come to mind.
comment #20356 kay4today 29th Jul 13
^ Well I've never heard of Twitards, but sonic fans and Beliebers are just as bad as Bronies. I just hate when people defend the psychotic actions of most Bronies, ignoring the fact that they bring the bad attention on themselves, which may be why Bronies get a lot of flak for enjoying a little girls show.
comment #20358 MsCC93 29th Jul 13
Well yeah, but that's not what the guy you were responding to said.
comment #20359 kay4today 29th Jul 13
@The actual review: Um, no. Not at all. The characters very rarely show Jerk Ass tendencies, except for the villains, and when they do, it's usually justified, like the CMC writing lies about everypony in town. And they usually don't get off easily, and I will again refer to the CMC example, where it took the fillies multiple days just to find the courage to apologize, and presumably took a few more days for them to be fully forgiven. As for the villains, let me list the examples I know.

Nightmare Moon: Managed to overpower Celestia, essentially the GOD of Equestria, and showered the land in eternal night until her defeat, meaning for only an hour or so. Lost because of a weapon she thought had been lost to the sands or time.

Discord: Managed to cover Equestria in chaos, presumably overpowered the alicorn sisters, AND corrupted the Mane 6, tearing apart their friendship and rendering the Elements of Harmony useless even if they did manage to find them. Lost because of Celestia's Gambit of sending Twilight all of the friendship reports from the past season, so essentially because of dumb luck.

Chrysalis: Infiltrated all of Canterlot with her swarm, overpowered Cadence, assumed Cadence's place, and fed on enough love to overpower Celestia. Lost because of her own arrogance.

Out of those three, only one lost because of her own stupidity.
comment #20370 Serefin 30th Jul 13 have seen Twilight brainwash peoples to her own selfish reason,Applejack almost getting four ponies under a train for petty reason,all of them ruining two parties without a care for the other ponies attending it,Pinkie depressing Luna for the sake of a joke and stalking and destroying the most prized possesions of something because he darednot wanting to be her friend..And for "Poniville Confidential" I'm not complaing about the CMC: I'm complaining about the hypocrital adults that traumatize three kids over some dumb photos.

And yeah,I'm calling Discord and Chrysalis stupid:Discord for not doing anything when the girls were about to attack him(despite seeing lighting bolts coming out of them and knowing full well what the Elements are capable of) and the queen for not trying anything to capture and stop three poverful wizards;and that is not counting all the dumb thing she did beforehand.
comment #20373 menotti 31st Jul 13
Pinkie is not a jerkass, she is genuinely so retarded that she doesn't get when or why people are upset with her.
comment #20385 kay4today 31st Jul 13
Okay you people are either whiny bashers or you haven't actually washed the show like you claimed you have. If you did you wouldn't be making some of the claims you are making.
comment #20401 qtjinla15 1st Aug 13
It's not that I disagree, but you're not coming off as particulary better here. Counterpoints probably would've been better.
comment #20402 kay4today 1st Aug 13
Why am I a whiny basher?Because I don't think is acceptable to risk the life of somebody to not admit you didn't win a competion?Or using your magic on somebody's mind to help with your selfish need?Because I call jerks somebody who enter a party without invitation and change the music and the decoration without permission?Because is okay to stalk and break in other's houses?Because is smart to not do anything when you are under attack?Please explain to me,oh wise one.
comment #20408 menotti 2nd Aug 13
@menotti You would have a point if any of the afformentioned events were treated as being within moral bounds, which they aren't. Setting aside the villain issues, every character gets called out on their actions for each respective event in story as well as implicitly through narrative tone (for lack of a better term coming to mind). You could argue that the consequences for said actions are too lenient to be reasonable (whether in real terms or karmically), though I'd argue they would be the very most optimistic outcome had they been done in real life. Either way, it shouldn't be unexpected given the target audience.
comment #20580 Hermunster 13th Aug 13
Bullshit:having somebody tell you "You are trouble,lady" after you almost killed them does not count as being called out:heck,the rest of the girls didn't even react to this.Just like Applejack and Rarity doesn't react to Twilight's brainwashing their siblings:WORST.SISTERS.EVER.They ruining two high-profiles parties was considered Hilarity Ensued,and at no point Pinkie is treated in the wrong in breaking in somebody else's house (several times,I might add) to do a surprise party.Heck,she was called a genius for depressing Luna.Those are a bunch of karma houdinies if I have ever seen one:And giving the target audience a clear case of being called out and a punishment would be more appropriate to show kids that bad actions have consequences.
comment #20582 menotti 14th Aug 13
>>when we let our feels affect our viewing experience
comment #20834 jippy6 24th Aug 13
>>When we are butthurt by other people's opinion.
comment #20994 menotti 5th Sep 13
>>When reviews are revived by both parties over absolutely nothing of substance.

Knock it off.
comment #20995 MrMallard 5th Sep 13
I'm a fan of the show, but I think you brought up a few good points. The villains in My Little Pony are really weak by the end of the episodes. It wasn't so bad the first couple of villains, but lately it's been really ruining the tension (they're obviously not in danger because everything will always work out in the end.) When I really like a show, I try to overlook the things that are wrong with it and hope the writers will improve it. I think other bronies do the same. But denying that there are problems with a show is just as dumb as saying there's nothing good about a show. On a side note, I know other people have said this, but it would have been helpful to provide examples of your complaints in the review itself, but I see you put some examples in the comments.
comment #22852 iliketurtles 13th Jan 14

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