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Reviews Comments: Iron Man 2 Lacks Original's Charm Iron Man 2 film/book review by The Dire Flamingohawkrobin

Iron Man 2 veers sharply into "guy" territory, with explosions, gunfire and Scarlett Johansson changing clothes. Female moviegoers are stuck with... Mickey Rourke in tighty-whiteys.

On to TONY STARK! TONY STARK! who's on top of the world, because he's singlehandedly ended war and all that. But really he's feeling kind of down, what with dying and all. Turns out putting heavy metal in your chest is a bad idea. Leave it in the soundtrack, like the filmmakers did.

There's great material here, as Tony gets reckless. He gets wasted, pees in his suit, races cars, gets attacked by Mickey Rourke with electric whips... Hey, that wasn't on the bucket list! But even this wake-up call (one of the film's best scenes) doesn't stop Stark from being a drunken asshole at his birthday party. This leads to another great scene in which Tony and his buddy Rhodey (Don Cheadle) duke it out in Iron Man suits. Then Samuel L Jackson shows up and Tony finds out some stuff about his dead dad. It's the last vestige of character development before Iron Man 2 turns into a Michael Bay flick. Not that I'm complaining.

As Tony's Russian counterpart Ivan Vanko, Rourke is less believable than Jeff Bridges's Obadiah Stane. His goofy accent and two-dimensional motive (REVENGE!!!) don't help things, nor does the fact that he meets Stark only once before their too-short final confrontation, which ends with him tightly clutching the Villain Ball.

I won't get into a Terrence Howard vs. Don Cheadle debate here, but Cheadle pulls off the role with his usual gravitas. He has great chemistry with Downey's Stark, but this is sadly overshadowed by all the Avengers setup shoehorned into the plot. Near the end I briefly felt I was watching Black Widow: The Movie.

Gwyneth Paltrow is still an excellent Pepper Potts, although her overlapping, disjointed banter with Downey goes from being endearing to really annoying. Expect a resolution in the closing minutes. Sam Rockwell hams it up as a whiny Stark-wannabe who partners with Vanko, largely ineffectual but hilarious.

All in all, this is a great followup to a marginally greater film. Though failing to completely capture the original's soul, it lives up to the former's reputation and is well worth your money. See it.


  • Dracomicron
  • 14th May 10
Vanko didn't need to meet Stark more than once (and it's technically twice, if you count both the cell and the racetrack, and thrice if you count the phone call. There's a big I Am X Son Of Y sort of deal going on; does Inigo Montoya need to have a lot of interaction with the Six Fingered Man before a satisfying confrontation?

The climax of this movie is a lot more satisfying than the fight with Stane in the first film. Perhaps it's the inclusion of Mecha Mooks allowing the good guys to show off their fancy toys before the final confrontation.

I would really like to watch Black Widow: The Movie, for the record.
  • 16th May 10
Agreed with Drac - I have a sinking feeling the critics who didn't like this hated the action sequences, because as we all know, action is the enemy of good cinema drama.

Anyway, back on topic - To be honest, Rouke felt a bit better than Stane's "OLOL I JUST SELL THINGS" characterization here, even if his motive was a bit cliched.

Would definitely want a Black Widow movie - Hell, why not just make it about SHIELD members?
  • TheDireFlamingohawkrobin
  • 20th May 10
I certainly have nothing against the action sequences; I just thought Stane was a more interesting, atypical villain. If Iron Man 2 had a better climax, the first Iron Man flick had wayyy better foreplay.
  • Tuckerscreator
  • 15th Jun 12
I read this not too long ago, where Rourke claimed he tried to make Vanko into more human of a character. Unfortunately, those scenes got cut out and we were left with a 1-D villain. Shame.
  • Mr.Movie
  • 7th Jun 14
But at least the filmmakers solved the icing problem.

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