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Reviews Comments: It is for the best. Dm C Devil May Cry game review by th Epirate

When i heard that this game was hated I was shocked, after all it was 6 months before the game was released. DMC was what i expected and more. The action is more streamlined(after i learned the new commands), the overall story and events of the game were not as silly as the first games. It is more easy? No. It is just the same, it took me the same time to finish this game as it did 4. It adds some things to Devil May Cry as it takes same things away, this game is something new. The mixing of Nero's moves with Dante had to be done, because Dante seamed slow in the eyes of the viewer in comparison to the mobility of the Devil Bringer. Why shun this game? If this game did not exist there will not be any Devil May Cry EVER AGAIN. DMC is more accessible to new players(most people i know can not play the previous games), and it is the right thing to do. For the first time symbolism, not of the BS kind, was added to the game, and I have to applaud the care that went into it.


  • MeandMyself
  • 15th Mar 13
The game is incredibly easy compared to the other games in the series. I didn't even hate it (I actually enjoyed for what it is), but it is ridiculous to say the difficult level remains the same. There is streamlining, and there is dumbing down to the point of making the ranking system (which gave you an incentive to get better, I still recall that time I achieved my first SSS in the first game) pointless. Plus, the game is as silly as immature as the other DM Cs, probably even moreso due the incessant and cheap swearing.
  • qtjinla15
  • 14th Apr 13
Plus there's the terrible characterization, the juvenile language and sex thrown in and the unnecessary the government is evil bs allegory.
  • thEpirate
  • 20th Apr 13
Dmc was allways like that, it just seemed mild to us, westerners. It was a story about some asshole killing demons.
  • Nettacki
  • 20th Apr 13
He was a *likeable and witty* asshole though. In the new game he seems less likeable and not nearly as witty. In fact, many of the one-liners I heard in gameplay videos came off as lame.
  • thEpirate
  • 21st Apr 13
I have to agree an that.

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