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Reviews Comments: Did I miss something? part one Monsters Vs Aliens film/book review by son

Among the surprisingly common dreamworks critics that exist on the internet, there are two post-shrek films that are lauded by the would be haters of the production company. Monsters vs. Aliens and How To Train Your Dragon (the latter will be reviewed on a later date).

The story focuses on a new "Monster" named Susan (codename: Ginormica), after being exposed to a strange energy (on her wedding day no less) her hair turns white and (as her name suggest) she grows in size. She's captured by the government where she meets other monster characters who are parodies of B-movie creatures (an insect man, the missing link, a blob-monster, and a giant catepillar... thing). The government wants to use the monsters as a team to fight these aliens who plan to invade the Earth. Susan must come to grips with her new fate and help her friends fight off the alien invaders.

I never really understood the appeal of this film. I've heard that its supposed to be an affectionate parody of B-movie monster flicks but.... so? Why does that automatically make the movie good? I think this film could have been more enjoyable to watch had I seen it in 3D. Because the plot is otherwise non-existant, the 3D experience and visuals could have added to what was otherwise a mediocre experience. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good jokes (usually from Bob the blob monster) and the film isn't necessarily bad. Granted there aren't any dreamworks movies that I absolutely loathe (shrek 3 is on the bottom but its still watchable IMO). I just don't think it deserve the pedestal many have given it.


  • Wackd
  • 3rd Mar 13's entirely possible that if you're not familiar with the genre you may have missed quite a bit.

Granted, it's kind of a flawed parody—I mean, the acting and plotting are actively aiming higher than anything else in the genre—but still.
  • Wackd
  • 3rd Mar 13
Also, the point of the 400 word limit is so that you don't feel tempted to summarize.

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