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Reviews Comments: Good, Great, Meh, Good Shrek film/book review by Robbie Rotten

Shrek could have easily gone into Seinfeld Is Unfunny territory after all these years. what wirth the countless rip offs, and sequels. but The first film manages to be clever and funny. why? beyond the fairy tale stuff, it has a very good story with likable, funny characters. Especially shrek, who you feel bad for the whole time. donkey also shows how to do an Annoying" side.

Add a really good moral to that, and you have a solid film. Shrek 2, is one of my favorite animated films of all time. the jokes come a mile a minute, and are all funny. the characters are better, and the story is very clever and has a lot of heart. shrek/fiona is great and it has one hell of a climax. an Even Better Sequel if i ever saw one

Shrek So Okay Its Average. it's not as bad as everyone says it is, but it's weak. it has some really good, and clever ideas, and shrek goes through the right emotional journey. however, a lot the story is a cluttered mess, with some cliche parts and the jokes are very few and far between. also, the king gets a really bad death scene that felt like a kick in the nuts to a great character. not a bad movie, jsut not a great one.

Shrek 4, is much better. the story is interesting, it's funny, the characters go through the right changes, and it's paced very well with a good villain and some great action. it's also tear-jerking at times and gives us a good tribute to the first two films. not as good as 2, but on par with 1

Watch shrek 1, 2, and 4, and skip 3. It's a series that is still solid, despite it being a cash cow.


  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 3rd Mar 13
I'd skip 4 as well. I agree it's quality is on par with 1 and it's not a bad film, but its a lot more unnecessary than 1, flipping the reset switch on an already finished story so that they can tell it again one more time.

It's a good film, but not so good that you miss out by not seeing it and there are plenty of other good films out there. The franchise as a whole works a lot better if it ends on 2.
  • TheRealYuma
  • 4th Apr 16
What are you talking about? There aren't that many knock-offs and there are only 3 sequels. Fun fact: damn near everything Disney makes is a cash cow. That "despite" bit is unnecessary. Honestly, 3 is actually somewhat important to the overall narrative. One of the whole points of Forever After is that Shrek went soft, which is why he wants a day to be an ogre. The Third best showcases the fact that he went soft.

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