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Reviews Comments: Frustrating Heavy Rain game review by Robotnik

And I don't mean that in terms of gameplay (such as it is), which I love and could play endlessly.

I mean the writing.

I want to love this game; there are things about I do love. The music, most of the voice acting, the father-son themes…all that is great. And there are some aspects (Jason and Shaun acting much younger than 10, for example) I'm willing to accept as just plain old artistic license.

But then, there are many more aspects that make me wonder... how in the heck could an adult possibly be this ignorant? Didn't anybody else read all of this, or edit it, or anything at all? I simply can't be expected to believe that a kid could survive 72 hours in water, or that a full SWAT team and a helicopter don't have the energy to continue chasing after one guy. Or that a character would assume that a silent ninja killed a guy in about 8 seconds in a tiny shop and left, rather than that the only other person who was there with her might have snuck off behind her back.

This game has so many obvious plot holes that would have been so simple to fix, and yet nobody did. So I can't fully immerse myself in the story, or this game as a whole, and that's a shame.


  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 27th Feb 13
Whats even more frustrating is, why haven't people copied this yet? The gameplay is so immersive it made what is an incredibly secondary-school bad story still feel quite powerful. And yet we've had exactly no people trying it again but with a decent writer, until The Walking Dead and even then the quicktime events and general gameplay aren't as good.
  • BonsaiForest
  • 27th Feb 13
What frustrates me is the gameplay. Deadly Premonition shows how to tell a story with interactivity, letting the player explore a town with complete freedom, encounter people in their daily routines (which change along with the story), and engage in side missions entirely at will. If Heavy Rain gave you that kind of freedom instead of nothing but QTEs and linearity, I'd be amazed.
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 27th Feb 13
It would have be an entirely crud game though, because the story had 0 engagement. The moments people talked about after the game, the finger etc, were moments that were powerful because of their clever QTE nature. The game was genius at matching actions to the feeling of physically doing them and it gave an emotional attachement and a power to scenes that wouldn't have had them otherwise.

Maybe if you had the QTE and the openness- but it would still dilute the story a lot. We've seen the Walking Dead, we know the Heavy Rain formula works and it works really well. Your thing is an interesting thing, but it's not necessarily better, just something else.

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