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Reviews Comments: Caveat Lector. Gunnerkrigg Court whole series review by thegoodsamaritan

A word of advice before you begin reading Gunnerkrigg Court- if ever there is a simple explanation for anything in this series, discount it immediately- things are more complicated than you can possibly imagine. Gunnerkrigg Court is a series about Antimony Carver, her technophile best friend, Kat Donlan, and the various colorful characters that inhabit the titular boarding school and the surrounding area. However, the simplicity of this summary belies the true monster that is this webcomic's narrative. What begins as a supernatural slice-of-life quickly evolves into a perfect storm of ancient conspiracies, modern conspiracies, strange experiments, demons, psychopomps, robots, and much, much more. To explain it here is useless, as the number of threads in this tangled web are so numerous as to render secondhand description functionally impossible. One must simply experience it for themselves.

That's not to say this comic is bad, by any stretch of the imagination. Despite its complexity, the narrative is easy to follow, filled with shocks, swerves, and twists that serve only to draw you deeper into the greater puzzle surrounding the Court. With every answer, two more questions come up, and that's just fine- you'll be having so much fun reading it that you won't care. With perfect timing between comedic and dramatic moments, Gunnerkrigg Court is a joy to read no matter the chapter you're on, all while teasing you with tantalizing glimpses of the grander mystery.

So, please- sit down, relax, grab a cup of tea. And get your surprised face up to snuff. And above all, enjoy your stay at Gunnerkrigg Court.


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