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Reviews Comments: A Good Addition to the Franchise Dead Space 3 game review by Dark Gidora

Dead Space 3 is a good sequel to the second game. Before we begin, I should disclaim that I never was upset at the apparent shift to action the sequel; to me DS was always an action game with gnarly enemy designs, rather than a horror game. So the shift to including human enemies and more firepower was not a problem for me.

Despite not finding the game to be true horror, there were segments from the previous games I did find unsettling; 3 has less of the stuff than the prior games that I found disconcerting (Isaac's sanity slippage and the preschool from the second game), but it doesn't detract too much from the actual end product. Plus, the first encounter with the Feeders was tense enough. Otherwise, the previous game depended on jumpscares, which DS3 does provide; the fact that Necromorphs can burst out of the snow, rather than out of identical looking vents, actually makes predicting their spawns somewhat harder once you reach Tau Volanits.

Gameplay wise, it feels quite similar to 2, which is a good thing. Combat is exciting and fun. The new gunsmithing mechanic was rather addictive for me; I loved seeing what combinations you could get and testing them out. While I kept the plasma cutter as my mainstay, experimenting with various backups was fun. The new universal ammo system might detract from the horror for some, though not me. There did seem to be fewer zero-G sequences, which I did miss.

Resource collection and microtransactions are contentious. I can see how that would irk many people, but I found enough materials to fully upgrade both guns and my rig before the end of the game without paying. Additionally, you can find ingame items that will allow you to buy microtransactions in lieu of real cash.

One downside is the plot. The overarching plot is fine; it didn't feel out of place. However I would've found it helpful if we were given more backstory, both on the collapse of EarthGov and on what the Sovereign Colonies were. However, an unnecessary portion of the game is taken up by a poorly-done love triangle, which hurts the overall plot and derails the character at the point.

I have yet to play co-op or the new gameplay modes opened up after completion, so I cannot weigh in on them. All-in-all I'd recommend this to fans of the early games, as long as they can put up with some more gunplay.


  • DarkGidora
  • 26th Feb 13
Just following up, since I can't really fit anything more into the review. I started a New Game +. I'm currently playing through co-op using random people from XBL as my partnes. So far, co-op is fun enough when playing with random strangers, though I think I'd be enjoying it more with a friend. I've only played one of the co-op specific missions (the one aboard the Brusilev), and I found it to be rather interesting; it's set aboard a ship with no life support, which means that both your air supply is steadily decreasing, and sounds are muted, so you cannot hear Necromorphs. Though since I was Isaac, I was unable to see the Hallucinations that Carver was going through.

I also started a game in classic mode. It's basically hard mode with some features removed/tweaked (the crafting is taken out/limited to only weapons from Dead Space and Dead Space 2, singleplayer only). So far it is fun; not sure if there are any bigger differences than what's readily apparent.
  • DarkGidora
  • 13th Mar 13
I beat my New Game+ and finished all of the missions. Honestly, the Co-Op missions were some of the best in the game; it was kinda frustrating trying to get a random to team up with and go through them all. But they were probably some of the better missions in the game. I'm trying to build to 100% completion on this file before continuing on with Pure Survival and Classic Mode.

Also, I just finished the Awakening. Fun, the dementia aspect was rather well done and entertaining. It felt somewhat like the final boss fight of the second game. The Necromorph Cult Leader was an interesting character, as were his followers. Without getting in to spoiler territory, it nailed the atmosphere, but I think the ending kinda grated on my nerves.

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