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Reviews Comments: Forgettable Dm C Devil May Cry game review by lorddaddyfunk

Gameplay: Largely, the things that have changed are for the worse (With the exception of the grappling hook and the angel jump abilities), the lack of lock on, besides the obvious targeting problems this gives you, it also means that combo's have been made to feel very samey and repetitive, since the ability to use the analog stick to pull off differing attacks is gone. The removal of the style system also stings a fair bit.

The lack of a fixed camera is also a negative, since moving it about when slicing enemies up is a pain and it ends up being harder to keep an eye on whose attacking.

The enemies themselves meanwhile are incredibly dull to fight, they are either very easy to put away, courtesy of very easy to predict attack patterns even later on in the game or just a plain chore to fight (The colour-coded demons come to mind), nothing really fits the middle ground of an enemy that's challenging, but not irritating, doesn't help that the bosses are also very predictable and can be beaten with ease.

Visuals and Sound: Artwise? The best part of the game, it's very clear that the art department was on point with this game, every environment is very well crafted and varied, the fact that the majority of the game takes place inside a demon dimension gave them a ton of room to play with, and it was well used, while the facial animations are very well done throughout, the voicework is generally solid, with the exception of Nu Dante, who at times sounds downright bored, with awkward inflections all over the place, the music is forgettable, I've never cared for the heavy metal soundtrack of DMC, while the only part of the Noisia section that stands out is Devil's Dalliance.

Story: The worst part of the game, the main characters themselves are utterly lacking in memorable personalities, with Vergil suffering the worst of it, losing all that made him work so well in DMC 3, the villains are devoid of any menace or character, while the story itself puts up a ton of idea's and themes, it totally fails to properly develop a single one of them, Nu Dante's relationship with Kat and Vergil, the idea of demons using the media to control the world, the entire half-angel aspect as well as many other character interactions and story elements, all of it is done in the most dull, lousily developed manner you could imagine.


  • TheKingSlayer
  • 12th Feb 13
The lack of a fixed camera is a negative thing? Really? I haven't played this game yet, but I usually hear people complain about fixed cameras in Hack and Slashes nowadays (most notably when people complained about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.)
  • TomWithNoNumbers
  • 12th Feb 13
Camera's are a lot more complicated than they seem at first, there's lots of games that have been called out for having 'bad cameras' when they basically just have unfixed ones without any sort of assistance at all. When you're hacking and slashing and focusing on enemies it can be hard to adjust the camera to be in the right place on top of all that, particularly when you're close to one wall and the camera can't be moved behind you without staring directly into the floor. Even unfixed they can't give you enough control for you to be able to tell the camera to suddenly have a panoramic shot from the other corner of the room.

On the other hand, when you've got a fixed camera thats done badly, it's equally frustrating not being able to move the camera to see the enemy you need. But still, I've heard the original God Of War praised for using a fixed camera.

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