Reviews Comments: Meh

It's meh.


You're painfully wrong.

It's eh.
comment #18104 kay4today 7th Feb 13
You're both wrong.

It's eeeeuuuunghhhh, with added grimace.
comment #18108 MrMallard 8th Feb 13
You're all wrong Its Meh!
comment #19245 HomuraMadokaChan 4th May 13
No. It's 'Ooh!'
comment #19264 porschelemans 5th May 13
Guys, c'mon. Seriously.

It's "hmph".
comment #19265 JackAlsworth 5th May 13
comment #19268 kay4today 5th May 13
comment #19276 Quag15 6th May 13
You have no idea what you're talking about. It's clearly ~;[
comment #19284 Teraus 6th May 13
Are gimmick reviews allowed on this site?
comment #19285 doctrainAUM 6th May 13
comment #19286 Awesomekid42 6th May 13

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