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Reviews Comments: Classic RPG with great gameplay, but poor story Saga Frontier whole series review by Tenko

Saga Frontier is an RPG for the PSX. It was made in '98 and while the graphics haven't aged well and the story can be confusing at times, the gameplay and battle system are as good as ever.

You play as one of seven characters - Blue, Red, Emilia, Lute, Astellus, Riki, or T260 - with different stories set in the same world. Like I said before, the storyline is messed up. Apparently, Squaresoft published a book with most of the story. You heard right - a book! Fortunately, the information inside the book is readily available on Game FA and various Saga Frontier fan sites. However, there's enough in the game to care about and there are a lot of characters, so at least one will be appealing.

The character designs are gorgeous - Tomomi Kobayashi is awesome! - and the OST is pleasing. There are rarely any times I felt like putting on another song over the game's.

What really makes this game is the game play and battle system. You can have fifteen characters made into three parties of five. It's actually useful to have a lot of parties, since one heals while the other battles. And instead of leveling up like in most RP Gs, characters' stats increase differently depending on their race. Humans' stats increase depending on their actions in battle - for example, a human who uses a lot of attacks will have his ATK increase, Mystics can absorb monsters and their stats will increase depending on how powerful the monster is, Monsters can absorb monsters and become more powerful monsters, and Mecs can equip items and have their stats increase depending on how good the item is. Also unlike most RP Gs, characters learn moves differently depending on their race. Humans learn physical moves in the middle of battle, Mystics and Monsters get moves from the monsters they absorb, and Mecs get moves from enemy mecs they absorb.

Rating (From 1-5, with 1 being lowest and 5 highest), Gameplay 5 (Every playthrough is a different experience.), Story: 2 (A freaking book I have to pay, like, $30 for? Why, Squaresoft, whyyy~!), Graphics: 2 (The years haven't been kind to you.), Music: 5 (Not a sour note in sight.), Overall: 3


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