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Reviews Comments: Everyone is insane All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder whole series review by Peryton

That's it, that's all there is to it.

Batman, as well known, is basically The Joker wearing a bat-costume, Wonder Woman is the most hilariously over the top hypocrital femnazi ever conceived, Superman is basically his Justice Lord version, Alfred is a pedophile, and Robin seems to have the mind of a cockroach.

It's baffling how any of these people are heroes, considering that any realistic setting would have already fallen into distopia, a police state or the military righteously killing these assholes.

The only entertainment to be had is to see these idiots provoking the reader to facepalm.


  • Asger
  • 5th Feb 13
Ya know, some people interpret the horrifically bad characterisation as intentional on Miller's part. I for one, think said people give Miller far too much credit. He's just batshit fucking insane nowadays.
  • Scardoll
  • 5th Feb 13
>Posted day after Atop the Fourth Wall review of comic's 5th issue

>Uses criticism solely focused on the parts Lewis Lauvhaug took issue with in the 5th issue

>No mention of the numerous flaws from previous issues


You know, it'd be nice if you had actually read the comic before posting a review here. Yeah, it's a terrible, terrible comic, but these pages are meant to give first-hand experience, not parrot the opinions of some random guy on the internet you have never met.

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